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Chapter 10: Wisdom and Understanding

But the angel was stubborn. He said, “No, you will have to ask something - just as a mannerism. Be a little understanding.”

Then the man said, “If you insist, then ask God to keep me as desireless as I am. Give me only one thing - desirelessness..”

Or acceptability, they both mean the same thing. Desire means rejection of something - you would like to be something else; desirelessness means acceptance - you are happy as things are. In fact, things are irrelevant, you are happy. You are happy, that’s the point. Lao Tzu says be content as you are, nothing else is needed - and then suddenly everything happens. In deep acceptance the ego disappears.

Ego exists through rejection: whenever you reject something, ego exists. Whenever you say no, ego is strengthened, but whenever you say yes, a total yes to existence, that is the greatest meditation you can enter into. In all other meditations you can enter but you will have to come out. This is the only meditation in which you enter and you cannot come out, because once you enter you are no more. Nobody can come out of it.

The third question:

You have said that any question is violent, yet we are encouraged to ask questions. Why is this?

Because you are violent and you need catharsis. You have questions to ask; you may not have the courage to ask them, that’s why you are encouraged. You have questions to ask; you have to pass through that. Ask them. I’m not saying that my answers will destroy them - no. My answers are not pointed that way. My answers have a totally different purpose. They will make you aware that all questions are useless, futile, absurd.

I would like you to come to a point where the mind stops questioning, but that you cannot do because you are full of questions. Release them, don’t suppress them. Be courageous. Even if you know that they are foolish, don’t hide them, because if you hide them you will never be able to get rid of them. Even if they are ridiculous - and all questions are - ask.

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