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Chapter 8: Easy Is the Flow

And remember, buddhas come in all shapes and all sizes. Don’t make an image of a buddha. Gautam the Buddha was only one form of buddhahood. You are not to be like Gautam the Buddha; you will be a buddha in your own way. Your buddhahood will have its own taste, its own form, its own being. You are not going to be a second-hand copy. You are not going to be a carbon, you will be original.

That is the beauty of life - that everybody here is original. God never duplicates, He creates each human being anew.

You ask,

Am I a restless, confused buddha and only need to accept right now the peculiar nature of my buddhahood.?

You have to accept all that is. You have to accept all that you are, because only through acceptance does restlessness disappear. Only through acceptance does one start cooling down. One becomes more collected and centered. When you accept, tensions are dropped. In acceptance is relaxation. In relaxation it is possible to turn in, and in relaxation it is possible to turn out. Both become smooth. Easy is the flow. You can go out and meet the other, and you can come back and meet with yourself. One day you will be surprised to find that the one who is in and the one who is out are not two. And when you go out, you go to your own outside, and when you go in, you go to your own inside. That “in” and “out” are sides of you.

This whole existence is a universe - that is the meaning of the word universe: it is unity. It is not a multiverse, it is a universe. But that universe will be revealed to you only at the very peak of meditation and love.

Accept whosoever you are and wherever you are. That does not mean to get stuck there. Accept, and through acceptance the flow arises and you start moving. But the movement is not through rejection. The movement does not come because there is a goal to be achieved, the movement comes because there is so much energy that the energy moves on its own. Just watch the Ganges coming from the Himalayas - do you think the Ganges is really searching for the ocean? That is utterly wrong. The Ganges has no idea of the ocean, it is not searching for any ocean. It reaches to the ocean - that is another matter - but it is not motivated to search for the ocean. Then what is happening? Why is it moving? It is not moving towards the ocean, it is simply moving because so much energy can’t be contained. It is moving out of so much overflowing energy.

See the difference, the difference is great. A man can move in two ways. One is through motivation: something has to be achieved there, in future. There is a goal. Then you pull yourself together and you start dragging yourself towards the goal. Your life will be a life of misery. There is another kind of movement - the true movement - which has no motive in it, but you are so full of energy that you have to move.

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