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Chapter 3: The Sun of Consciousness

The story of Lukman tells us something else. It says that Lukman used to go to each and every kind of plant and tree, and sit near it in meditation. He would ask the plant to tell him what its uses were, and in his heart he would receive the answer from the plant and would start using that plant for that particular disease. And even now in scientific labs, the plants that Lukman used are proving to be right.

Even plants can become awake near some Lukman, near some Buddha; even stones can become awake near some meditator.

But we human beings remain asleep. It is a very sad thing that near Buddha even a tree became awakened, but thousands of people who came near him did not wake up and even went back to sleep. Perhaps trees are very innocent and that is why it resonated.

Man is very complicated, clever and cunning, and does not resonate so soon. He investigates and checks everything before accepting it. In this checking and testing he probably does succeed - by looking and by tapping and listening - in getting the right, uncracked earthen pot which costs two pence, but he often loses checks for millions of dollars because of it.

People who are too clever sometimes fall into great deceptions. And if there is someone who takes every single step too cautiously, one thing is certain: that he cannot go on the pilgrimage to godliness, because that journey is of insecurity. The journey is so unknown, so unfamiliar, and we are so unacquainted with it, that people who are too clever will never manage. Many times even ignorant people enter the door and clever ones remain standing and thinking in front of it.

Tomorrow I will talk to you on the next sutra of yoga. If there are any related questions, you may ask them. Whatever questions have been asked up to now, slowly, slowly I have talked about them. A few may be left; I will talk about them tomorrow. The friends who want to come in the morning for the meditation should be freshly bathed, should come on time, and sit silently. Tomorrow is the last day. No one should come just to watch; only those who want to experiment are invited.

I am grateful that you have listened to me with such love and silence. Now to end, I bow down to the divine that dwells in you all. Please accept my pranams, my offering of respect.