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Chapter 7: Life’s Complementariness

And whenever somebody will be caught, Mahatma Gandhi will think that because his celibacy is not yet perfect, that’s why in his ashram a person could commit a sin. That was his logic. He will not say anything to the person; he will go into a self-torture. He will fast - to purify himself. He must be impure that’s why somebody could commit a sin, could drink tea, could smoke, could fall in love with a woman.

When his own secretary fell in love with a woman, that was too much. His own secretary! - that simply means his celibacy, his purity, is not yet up to the point where just his presence will transform people.

And he was continuously thinking in this way. This is really a very egoistic way of thinking - as if everybody has to be dominated by you. You see the inner desire to dominate others in the name of purity, morality, virtue. Now somebody falling in love, and Mahatma Gandhi thinks he is at fault. As if he is the center of the world! As if everything depends on him. As if the whole world has to be according to him. If something is not according to him, it simply proves that his power is not omnipotent yet.

This is the way of a power seeker, although he pretended to be most humble. He tried hard to be simple, but if you look deep down, in his simplicity, in his poverty, in his so-called humbleness, you will find nothing but pure ambition to dominate.

When there was danger that he may be killed by some Hindu fanatic, the government asked him, could they be allowed to protect him? Can some arrangement be made so that he is continuously guarded and protected?

He said, “No! Absolutely no! If my purity is enough, if my celibacy is true, then nobody can kill me.”

You see the logic: everything depends on his purity. But a Brahmin from Pune killed him - his purity was greater! His celibacy seems to be greater - he was far more potent. If Mahatma Gandhi’s logic is correct, then Nathuram Godse, the man who killed him, seems to be more virtuous. And there are in Pune people who worship Nathuram Godse as a mahatma. In fact, he has proved that he is a mahatma - otherwise the bullet would not have killed Mahatma Gandhi. The bullet could kill him; that simply proves that he was not yet a real sage.

Now, this whole logic is stupid, but this has been there for thousands of years. Man has always thought of becoming powerful through controlling sexual energy; the idea that sex takes your energy out, that it is a leakage; your energy leaks out and leaves you empty. Accumulate energy! This is sheer stupidity. It is absolutely unscientific. It is not that you can accumulate sexual energy - in fact, the more you accumulate it, the less you have it; if you use it more, the more you have it. So if a person goes on making love late in his life he may be able even to make love at the age ninety, ninety-five, a hundred.

In fact, in Russia there are people whose age is about a hundred and twenty, hundred and thirty, a few people have even come close to a hundred and fifty. And they are all sexually potent, still sexually potent, because Russia is not a religious country. In a religious country like India even young men become impotent. Impotence is something religious; it is a byproduct of your religiousness.

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