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Chapter 30: The Only Authentic Democracy: The Dictatorship of the Enlightened

“The being can come out of its actions. It can drop its actions, it can drop its past, and from this very moment the man can become a saint. Nobody can prevent him. How can you judge? There is no way to judge. That’s why I was reducing the number. It is not that there are not good people; in fact, I have lived in both cities and I have found only good people.”

The moment you are good, your judgment drops and you stop judging people - because judgment depends on actions, and action is a very superficial thing It is as if you are judging the ocean by the ripples This will be absolutely absurd - to judge the ocean just by the ripples on the surface. Actions are just drawings on water: you have not yet finished them and they have disappeared. And being is beyond your actions; it is always transcendental to what you do. The question is, what are you?

The Hassid said, “And now I see only what people are. Sometimes a person who is immensely beautiful, good, saintly, may have to act in a way that looks bad, that may go against convention. You cannot judge him by the act itself That’s why I was reducing the number.

Now I am here. I live in both these towns: half the year in Sodom and half the year in Gomorrah. Are you ready to destroy me?”

And the Hassidic story is that God decided not to destroy the cities. But this is a Hassidic story, and the Hassids are the only good people to have come out of Judaism. Naturally they are rejected because they reject all your nonsense. They will not accept the Old Testament story that God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah. They say, “Our saint was there and he saved it. He saved both the cities; and he saved, in fact, the whole of humanity, because if Gomorrah and Sodom are worth saving then there is not a single human being who is worth destroying.

Freud had the same tendency as Jesus had - to be a prophet - which is extremely Jewish; it is some kind of racial disease. This fellow Moses is responsible. He created the whole game of prophets and messiahs, and created the idea in poor people’s minds - which are feeble anyway; they get some idea and they start thinking that it is so. Freud was very much a messiah, but he knew that if he declared that he was a messiah - he was a coward also. He was not as fanatically courageous as Jesus. So what he did, rather than proposing himself for crucifixion, he tried to create something absolutely new and become the originator of a new religion.

Psychoanalysis, to Freud, was a religion, and he was the founder-prophet, the father-figure. Through psychoanalysis what he did was just go against the whole Jewish antagonism to sex. That was his way of saying to the Jews, “I have nothing to do with you - no need to prepare a cross for me. I am doing something absolutely different, in fact just the opposite to what you have been doing for four thousand years.”

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