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Chapter 5: Dynamic Meditation or Silent Meditation

The fourth stage of Dynamic Meditation is just akarma, no activity, but the first three stages are active. The first, second, and third stages are of intense activity. In the first stage, your vital body, your breathing, is in intense movement, in extreme activity. By being in extreme activity in your vital body, in your prana-sharira, in your breathing, the second step becomes possible: you become intensely active in your physical body. And in the third stage, after being totally active physiologically, it becomes possible to be active in the mental body.

So in three bodies - the physical, vital, and mental - you create a climax of activity, a climax of tension. You become more and more tense. Your whole existence becomes a whirlwind, a whirlpool. The more intense it becomes, the greater the possibility of being relaxed in the fourth stage.

The fourth stage is total relaxation. It is not a practiced relaxation because, really, no one can practice relaxation. Relaxation can come only as a byproduct, as a shadow of intense activity. To practice relaxation is a contradiction in terms; every practice is a practice of tension. Relaxation means nondoing - and you cannot practice nondoing, you can only come to it, you can only arrive at it. Only by intense activity is a situation created within you that takes you into a “letting go.”

So the fourth stage is akarma. You are not doing anything: now you are. You just exist in it; there is nothing that you are doing. If something is going on it has just happened. If there is something going on it is through nature, it is not done by you. As far as you are concerned, activity has ceased completely; there is no activity.

In this no-action state, in this akarmic state, the cosmic and the individual come nearer. They become intimate, they lose their identities, they overlap each other. Something penetrates you from the cosmic and something of you penetrates into the cosmic; the boundaries become flexible and liquid. Sometimes there is no boundary and you feel an absence of consciousness - there are no limits, no end and no beginning. And sometimes the boundaries begin to crystallize around you.

This situation goes on flickering back and forth. Sometimes there are boundaries and sometimes there are not. But the more relaxation is there, the more the boundaries will be lost. Then a moment comes that can never be predicted; a moment comes that is a moment of happening, uncaused and unconditioned. Finally a moment comes when you have lost the boundaries and you never regain them again. Then there begins to exist a human being without boundaries, a mind without frontiers, a consciousness without any limitations. That is the cosmic, that is the divine, that is wholeness.