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Chapter 4: Be like a Hollow Bamboo

And psychologists also suspect that teachers have an inclination towards being sadistic, they would like to torture. And you cannot find a better place than a primary school. You can torture innocent children; you can torture them for their own sake, for their own good. Go and watch! I have been reading in primary schools, and I have been watching teachers. And psychologists suspect - I am certain - they are torturers. And you cannot find more innocent victims: completely unarmed, they cannot even resist; they are so weak and helpless - and a teacher stands like an emperor.

Aurangzeb writes in his autobiography: “My father, just because of old habits, still wants to pretend that he is the emperor. So let him pretend and let him fool himself, there is nothing wrong. Send him thirty boys or three hundred, whatsoever he wants. Let him run a madrassa, a small school, and be happy.”

Activity is when the action has no relevance. Watch it in yourself and see: ninety percent of your energy is wasted in activity. And because of this, when the moment for action comes, you don’t have any energy. A relaxed person is simply non-obsessive, and the energy starts accumulating within him. He conserves his energy, it is conserved automatically, and then when the moment for action comes his total being flows into it. That’s why action is total. Activity is always half-hearted, because how can you befool yourself absolutely? Even you know that it is useless. Even you are aware that you are doing it for certain feverish reasons within, which are not even clear to you, very vague.

You can change activities, but unless activities are transformed into actions, that won’t help. People come to me and they say, “I would like to stop smoking.” I say, “Why? This is such a beautiful transendental meditation, continue!” And if you stop it you will start something else - because the disease doesn’t change by changing the symptoms. Then you will chew pan, then you will chew gum; and there are even more dangerous things. These are innocent because if you are chewing gum you are chewing gum by yourself. You may be a fool, but you are not a violent man; you are not destructive to anybody else. If you stop chewing gum, smoking, then what will you do? Your mouth needs activity; it is violent. Then you will talk, then you will talk continuously; yakety-yakety-yak - and that is more dangerous!

Mulla Nasruddin’s wife came just the other day. She rarely comes to see me, but when she comes I immediately understand there must be some crisis. So I asked, “What is the matter?”

Thirty minutes she took, and thousands of words, to tell me: “Mulla Nasruddin talks in his sleep, so suggest something - what should be done? He talks too much and it is difficult to sleep in the same room. And he shouts and says nasty things.”

So I said, “Nothing is to be done. Simply give him a chance to talk while you both are awake.”

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