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Chapter 26: Watchfulness, Awareness, Alertness: The Real Trinity

But you can look around the whole world, and you will find the husband always taller than the wife. How has it been managed? Why has the woman remained smaller than the man? It is simply a question that for millions of years that was the choice: the man will always choose a wife smaller than himself. Slowly, by sheer selection, the taller women went out of existence; it was difficult for them to find a husband. They became prostitutes, they became part of the marketplace, available to all. They could not live a respectable life unless they happened to meet a man taller than them.

But the man was always taller; slowly, slowly, this is how it happened. You can inquire of those people who crossbreed animals. After generations of this continual crossbreeding: taller husband-smaller wife, taller husband-smaller wife.

If the woman is so tall that she cannot find a husband, she becomes a prostitute, she goes out of the biological market, she is a dropout. She will not be creating children any longer, because a prostitute cannot afford children. So her line dies out; that branch grows no further.

It is not natural that women have to be smaller. It is the power instinct, the will-to-power.

But sexuality and the will-to-power are not two separate things, not as separate as Adler and Freud think. The people who become very much power-oriented start losing interest in sex because their whole energy moves into the will-to-power. The people who are very deeply interested in exploring their sexuality cannot go into politics; they don’t have any energy left.

You can see it in actuality in many places. We don’t allow soldiers to have their wives on the battlefield. The general can, because the general remains behind; he is not really fighting, he is simply ordering people to fight. And he is perfectly defended; if there is any danger, he will be the first to get out. He is far behind the forces. He is allowed to have a wife there because there is no problem, he is not going to fight. But the soldiers are not allowed to. Why? - for the simple reason that if their energy goes into sex, they don’t feel like fighting.

You can observe it in yourself. If you are deeply in love with a woman, you don’t feel like fighting with anybody. But if you cannot find any outlet for your sexual energy then you will become a criminal, you may kill somebody. You may be constantly searching for some excuse to fight.

It is not just a coincidence that all the religions have preached that their monks remain celibate, because once they are celibate then their whole energy starts moving towards an imaginary God - then God becomes their sexual object.

And you can see it in the songs of the devotees. They talk of God almost as if they are talking of a beloved or of a lover. Meera, one of the most famous mystics in India, must have been studied by Sigmund Freud. If he did not study her, he will have to be born again, because those two have to meet and come to an understanding. Freud never heard about Meera, otherwise he would have found all the great explanations that he needed and searched and looked for - and was unable to find.

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