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Chapter 16: In the Lake of the Void

Wilhelm went mad, not because he tried these methods; he became mad because he was trying to make a synthesis of the Western psychology with the Eastern psychology. That thing can drive you mad. He was not practicing, he was not a practicing meditator. He was philosophizing.

In philosophy, East and West cannot meet - it is impossible. In philosophy you cannot make death and life meet, in philosophy you cannot make positive and negative meet. But in actuality they meet: in actuality, the positive never exists without the negative, in actuality death is nothing but the culmination of life, in actuality silence and sound are two aspects of the same phenomenon. In reality, man and woman are together, one, but in philosophy you cannot make them meet, because philosophy is a process of the mind. Mind divides, mind cannot unite; only in a state of no-mind, in existential experience, they meet.

It happened..

A Sufi mystic, Baba Farid, was given a present from a king. The present was a beautiful pair of scissors, golden, studded with diamonds. The king had loved them very much - some other king had given them to him as a present.

When he came to see Farid he thought, “This will be a beautiful present.” So he brought those scissors.

Farid looked at them, gave them back to the king and said, “What will we do with them here? - because a scissors cuts, separates, divides. They will not be of any use to me. Rather than scissors, give me a needle, which joins, which puts things together. A needle will be more representative of me than a scissors.”

Mind is a scissors: it goes on cutting. It is like a rat, a mouse, which goes on gnawing.

You will be surprised to know that one of the mythological figures in India is Ganesh, the god with the head of an elephant. He is the god of logic. He rides on the back of a rat; the rat is his vehicle. Logic is rat-like: it gnaws. It is a scissors.

Mind always makes things divided. Mind is a kind of prism: pass the white ray of light through it and immediately it is divided in seven colors; pass anything through the mind and it becomes dual. Life and death are not life-and-death. The reality is lifedeath. It should be one word, not two, not even a hyphen in between. Lifedeath is one phenomenon, lovehate is one phenomenon, darknesslight is one phenomenon, negativepositive is one phenomenon. But pass this one phenomenon through the mind and the one is divided immediately in two. Lifedeath becomes life and death - not only divided but death becomes antagonistic to life - they are enemies. Now you can go on trying to make these two meet, and they will never meet.

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