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Chapter 7: Living with Self-Remembrance

He is the charioteer.
He has tamed his horses,
pride and the senses.
Even the gods admire him.

Yielding like the earth,
joyous and clear like the lake,
still as the stone at the door,
he is free from life and death.

His thoughts are still.
His words are still.
His work is stillness.
He sees his freedom and is freed.

The master surrenders his beliefs.
He sees beyond the end and the beginning.

He cuts all ties.
He gives up all his desires.
He resists all temptation.
And he rises.

And wherever he lives,
in the city or the country,
in the valley or in the hills,
there is great joy.

Even in the empty forest
he finds joy
because he wants nothing.

Man is a seed of great potential: man is the seed of buddhahood. Each man is born to be a buddha. Man is not born to be a slave but to be a master. But there are very few who actualize their potential. And the reason millions can’t realize their potential is that they take it for granted that they already have it.

Life is only an opportunity to grow, to be, to bloom. Life in itself is empty; unless you are creative you will not be able to fill it with fulfillment. You have a song in your heart to be sung and you have a dance to be danced, but the dance is invisible, and the song - even you have not heard it yet. It is deep down, hidden in the innermost core of your being; it has to be brought to the surface, it has to be expressed.

That’s what is meant by “self-actualization.” Rare is the person who transforms his life into a growth, who transforms his life into a long journey of self-actualization, who becomes what he was meant to be. In the East we have called that man the buddha, in the West we have called that man the christ. The word christ exactly means what the word buddha means: one who has come home.

We are all wanderers in search of the home, but the search is very unconscious - groping in the dark, not exactly aware what we are groping for, who we are, where we are going. We go on like driftwood, we go on remaining accidental.

And it becomes possible because millions of people around you are in the same boat, and when you see that millions are doing the same things that you are doing, then you must be right - because millions can’t be wrong. That is your logic, and that logic is fundamentally erroneous: millions can’t be right.

It is very rare that a person is right; it is very rare that a person realizes the truth. Millions live lives of lies, lives of pretension. Their existences are only superficial; they live on the circumference, utterly unaware of the center. And the center contains all: the center is the kingdom of God.

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