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Chapter 16: Till You Live Life Totally

Sigmund Freud discovered one of the very fundamental things about the human mind: that you cannot believe a human being when he is awake, but you can believe him when he is asleep. Strange! You can believe in his dream but you cannot believe what he says, because what he says is only parrot-like. He has been told what to say. All the preachers are telling him what to say. He knows all the beautiful words. But in his dreams his truth comes up; his conscious mind goes to sleep and his unconscious starts asserting itself. That is more real.

Hence the psychologist, the psychoanalyst, has to look into your dreams. You are not reliable. You are so deeply conditioned to become a hypocrite, you may be saying things without ever thinking that you are lying. You may be thinking you are telling the truth, but that does not matter, your belief is not the question; your dream has to support it.

You will be surprised to know, there are aboriginals in the world still - I have lived with a few aboriginal tribes in India - and they don’t dream. Sigmund Freud missed a tremendous thing. He should have visited these aboriginals who are not conditioned by civilization, education, culture, religion, who are still living a primitive life.

They don’t dream. I have asked so many people, and they say no. Yes, once in a while a person dreams, but then that person becomes a prophet. His dream always proves to be true. His dream is a vision, not a dream.

Now, my secretary has just informed me from Australia, the day she reached Australia the chief of the Australian aboriginals came to see her. She asked, “But how did you come to know that.? I have not informed anybody, I have come on a personal visit.”

He said, “I have not come to meet you, I had a vision that Osho or somebody very close to him is coming to Australia. I don’t know who the person is, but this vision was so strong that I had to come and inquire if Osho comes, where he will be. That’s why I have come to the commune of the sannyasins. And if you have come, then my vision was right.”

And when he was told that she is Osho’s secretary, he said, “That’s perfectly good, because my vision was of Osho or someone very intimate with him coming. And I have come from the aboriginals to welcome you.”

He said, “I have been trying to read Osho’s books. I’m not very educated but it seems language does not matter: I understand what he is saying. He wants people to become again aboriginals - innocent, childlike, again reclaiming what you have been forced in every way to lose.”

You have been forced to lose your life.

Life has been condemned in every possible way by all the religions; and when everybody is condemning life - the whole world is full of condemners - what can a small child do? He becomes impressed by all this condemnation.

Just look at the story of the beginning of the world. God said to Adam and Eve, “Don’t eat from the tree of knowledge, and don’t eat from the tree of life.”

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