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Chapter 10: No Yesterday, No Tomorrow, No Today

Remember, I never say that Buddha is a miracle or Sosan is a miracle - you are the miracle! - because whatsoever they have attained is such a simple thing it should be attained by everyone. What is there mysterious to talk about? A buddha has seen reality, and reality is just in front of you. Why call the attainment such a big phenomenon, such a great happening? Nothing! It is simple!

The reality is as much before you as before a buddha or before a buffalo. The miracle is you - how you have missed it, and how you go on missing it. Really, you must have devised such a technique, and so perfect, that for lives together you go on missing. And reality cannot do anything; it is just in front of you and you go on missing. What is the trick? How do you attain it? How do you do this magic?

The magic is “about”. This word about is the magic. A flower is there, you start thinking about the flower - the flower is no longer there, the mind is diverted by the words. Then a film comes around you, between you and the flower. Then everything is murky and muddled, then the word becomes more important than the real, then the symbol becomes more important than that which is symbolized.

What is Allah? - a word. What is brahman? - a word. What is God? - a word. And Hindus and Christians and Mohammedans go on fighting about the word, and nobody bothers that all three words symbolize the same. The symbol becomes more important.

If you say something against Allah, then the Mohammedan will immediately be ready to fight and kill you or be killed. But the Hindu will go on laughing because it is being said against Allah, it is good. But say the same thing against brahman, then he brings his sword out, now it cannot be tolerated. What foolishness! Because Allah, or brahman, or God. There are three thousand languages, so there are three thousand words for God.

The symbolized is less important than the symbol. The rose is not important, the word rose is. And man has become so word-addicted, so intoxicated with the word, that the word can create reactions. Somebody says “lemon,” and your mouth starts watering. This is word-addiction. Even the lemon may not be so effective: a lemon may be lying on the table and your mouth may not water. But somebody says “lemon,” and the mouth starts watering. The word has become more important than the real - this is the trick - and unless you drop this word-addiction you will never be able to encounter reality. There is no other barrier.

Be absolutely without language and suddenly it is there - it has always been there. Suddenly your eyes are clear; you attain to clarity and everything becomes illuminated. The whole effort of all meditations is just how to drop out of language. Dropping out of society won’t help, because basically society is nothing but language.

That’s why animal societies are not in existence, because there is no language. Just think: if you couldn’t speak, if you had no language, how would society exist? Impossible! Who would be your wife? Who would be your husband? Who would be your mother and who would be your father?

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