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Chapter 38: Transformation

A Talk to the Assembly (Part Four)

If you were a man, a real Ch’an man, when you heard me say, “Where are there old adepts appearing in the world?” you should have spit right in my face. If you don’t act this way, but accept things as soon as you hear someone bring them up, you’ve already fallen into the secondary.
Again, haven’t you seen Master Lo Shan’s saying? “The mystic gate has no doctrines, establishes no general principles. If you want to search for it, look before the sound.” All you disciples of Buddha, real mind is not fixed, and real wisdom is not bounded. Even if I let these two lips go on talking - from now till the end of time - without a break, you still can’t depend on another person’s power: this is a matter in which each and every person is fully sufficient in his own right. It can neither be augmented nor diminished the least little bit.

The Patriarch said:
“Hold to it and you lose it,
and are bound to enter false roads.
Let go of it and naturally
its essence has no going or staying.”

Just have faith in this truth of one mind: it cannot be grasped, it cannot be rejected. Then you should give up your body and your life right there. If you cannot give them up, it’s because of your own hesitancy - on the last day of your life, don’t blame me.

The weather is hot and you’ve been standing a long time.
Ta Hui gave a shout and descended from the seat.

It is sad to have come to the end of Ta Hui’s sutras. It has been an immensely rich pilgrimage, going step by step as Ta Hui was growing, as he was transforming, as he was beginning to change from an intellectual into a mystic.

It was great just to watch the transformation from intellect to intuition, from mind to meditation, from an ordinary human being into an immortal.the explosion that happened to him. We have also shared a little bit of light, just by being alert and aware.

These are the last sutras. They are conclusive; they conclude his whole experience, hence they have great potential.

If you were a man.

And by man he means only a man of meditation. A man who is not a man of meditation is only a man in name; there is not much difference between him and other animals. Animals are violent - so is man; animals are competitive - so is man; animals are jealous - so is man. Animals are also capable of thinking - though not much, but still there is not any qualitative difference.

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