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Chapter 12: All Buddhas Are Gamblers

And, Kavisho, I can see it happening to you. You are moving towards it.a little hesitant. I see sometimes you are just on the boundary of it and then you stop. Don’t stop. You don’t have anything to lose. Your personality has given you nothing but misery; your ego has given you nothing but pain; your mind has given you nothing but empty thoughts. So there is nothing to lose. Perhaps you may lose your bondage, your chains, your handcuffs, but they are not worth preserving - they are not your ornaments.

Put everything at stake.

I have been watching you, and I see you coming to a point very close to the open secret.and you stop or pull back. It is a natural fear, perhaps it is too much, and too sudden. But remember, nobody can be ready for it beforehand. Everybody has to go into it without any preparedness, and everybody has to take the jump one day, without thinking. You can think later on as much as you want.

The proverb goes: Think before acting. I would like to say to you: Act first, and then think whatever you want to think. You are absolutely free to think..

As one comes closer to the open secret, the mind creates a fear: Perhaps you may go mad. Wait.to go more into it seems to be dangerous; you may lose your sanity. But what kind of sanity do you have? What flowers has it given to you? And what juice has it given to your life? And what light has it given to your eyes?

So don’t think when you come to the boundary: Where does the world of the open secret begin? Gather courage and jump.

In my childhood, just by the side of my village was a beautiful river, and this was my joy: to find the highest spots from which to jump into the river. And seeing me enjoying it so much, many of my friends would go with me, and they would see that I have jumped and I am still alive, and swimming in the river. They would make every effort..

Most of them were Hindus, and Hindus have a certain small book, Hanuman Chalisa. You have seen the monkey god and his statues - it is in praise of the monkey god. It is thought that if you repeat the Hanuman Chalisa, you become strong like the monkey god, who even carried a mountain in his hands.

I was surprised: they would repeat the Hanuman Chalisa and they would gather courage and rush violently - and just on the brink they will stop, as if an invisible wall is there. I would say, “What happened?”

They said, “This is too deep.and unnecessarily one may get fractures or one may even die.”

But I said, “You have seen me jumping..”

They said, “We always think of you as an exception.”

I said, “That’s strange. I have the same kind of body: why should I be an exception?”

This is what we have done with Buddha, Mahavira, Adinatha, Patanjali, Kabir: we have put them in a separate category. They are special people; we are ordinary people. But they were also ordinary before they took the jump. It is the jump that has made them extraordinary; not that they were extraordinary - hence they could jump. The reality is just vice-versa.

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