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Chapter 18: It Is Possible

We are outsiders, in many ways our ways of thinking are different, our values are different, our priorities are different. We are for a better man and for a better humanity, and their fear and hostility is natural.

Are the hostilities created or perpetrated by the lack of understanding and the absence - as it would appear to the outside world - of a willingness for the Rajneeshees to go out, rather than accept in; so people can learn more about them?

No, this is my basic standpoint: not to go out, because that is interfering in somebody’s world. I am not a missionary - and I hate the word. I don’t want anybody to be converted, and I don’t want anybody to be convinced that we are right. In fact the people who try to convince others that they are right are basically, deep down in themselves, not convinced that they are right. Convincing others, they are making an effort to convince themselves.

When they see they have a crowd convinced, then they feel at ease. Then they know, “I cannot be wrong. If so many people are converted by me, then I cannot be wrong.”

This outgoing is impossible for me or my people. We are here, we do no harm to anybody, and we don’t want to interfere in anybody’s thinking, way of life, his style, his religion, his politics. We do not want to interfere, we accept him as he is. But if he wants to be acquainted with our world, he is welcome.

But to have some positive exposure? There are people who hate this particular group, there are people who have absolutely no knowledge of what goes on here; would it not be a good idea - not as a missionary, not reaching out to convert, but to inform?

I will wait, because if they are hating me and my people, they are on the way toward Rajneeshpuram. Hate is a relationship, and sometimes far stronger than love. And once they come here, then we will see..

But it seems that some of this hate is bred by the fear of something unknown. This is a mysterious world inside this valley.

Yes, that is true. That mysteriousness in this valley will attract only those people who are ready to go on an adventure, who want to explore, who want to know the unknown and those are the only people who have any worth.

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