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Chapter 5: Meditation and the Paths to Inner Awakening

How does meditation work? How can one achieve a constant meditative state? And in what way does kundalini practice relate to meditation?

Meditation is an adventure. An adventure into the unknown - the greatest adventure that the human mind can take. And by “adventure” I mean that you cannot be cultivated in it. First: you cannot know anything beforehand. Unless you know it, you cannot know it. Everything said ultimately means nothing. Truth remains unsaid. Much has been said - much has been said about nothing. However, not a single word of truth has been uttered.

Unless you know it, you cannot know it. But something about it can be indicated. It will never be to the point - it cannot be. The nature of the thing is such that this is impossible. You cannot say, “This is meditation.” All that is possible is to say is, “This is not meditation.this is not meditation.that is not meditation.” The remaining is. And the remaining is left unindicated.

There are many reasons for it. Meditation is something greater than the mind. It is not something which happens in the mind. It is something which happens to the mind, not in the mind. Otherwise the mind will be capable of defining it - the mind will be capable of knowing it, understanding it. It is not something happening in the mind, but to the mind. The happening is just as death happens to life: death never happens in life, it happens to life.

Meditation is just like death to the mind: as death is to life. We can say that meditation is a deeper death - not physical, but psychic. The deeper the death, the deeper is the possibility to be reborn. When there is a physical death, you will be reborn physically. But as far as you are concerned, nothing will have happened at all - nothing. You will remain the same: the same continuity, the same old one.

The deeper the death, the deeper is the resurrection. If you die psychologically - if the mind dies - then you are reborn. And this rebirth is not like a physical rebirth: because then the body is replaced - a new one replaces it. But when there is mental - psychic - death, the mind is not replaced. Consciousness remains without the mind.

So meditation is consciousness without the mind. An open sky without any walls around it. We can destroy the walls of this house, but not the room - because room means nothing but space. So now the room will be the room-ness. The room will be there under the open sky. Of course, you will no longer see it as the room, because now you cannot define it. It has become one with the sky. But the room is there - more than before. Only the walls are not. So, if you define the room as the room-ness - the emptiness between the walls - then without the walls the room will still be there. It will have become greater, infinite.

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