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Chapter 15: Flowers, Not Thorns

Old man Finkelstein was equally stunned, but recovered quickly. “Now Moishe,” he said nonchalantly, brushing off his suit, “for twenty lousy dollars would you want me to bother your dear, hard working mother?”

People go on finding strange excuses.but the real thing is, they get bored.

Hymie Goldberg had been having lunch in the same restaurant for twenty years and every day he ordered chicken soup with never a change. But one day Hymie called the waiter back after receiving his soup. “Yes, Mr Goldberg?” inquired the waiter.

“Waiter,” said Hymie, “please taste this soup.”

The waiter was shocked. “What do you mean, taste the soup? For twenty years you have been eating the same chicken soup every day. Has it ever been different?”

Hymie ignored the waiter’s comments. “Please taste this soup”, he repeated.

“Mr Goldberg,” cried the waiter, “what is the matter with you? I know what the chicken soup tastes like.”

“Taste the soup!” Hymie demanded.

“Okay, okay,” said the waiter. “I will taste it. Where is the spoon?”

“Aha!” cried Hymie.

He is not bored with the soup - the spoon is missing.

First be finished with your passions. It is too early to be a watcher. And as you are finished with your passions and your adventures, you will find your anger and jealousy and greed disappearing. Then will be the right time, the right moment to start the ultimate adventure of being a witness, a meditator, a watcher.

First, play around with the toys you are playing with. In each child’s life a moment comes when he throws his toys away and forgets all about them. In each intelligent man or woman’s life also comes the time when he is finished with the toys of ordinary life, which are available even to the animals. Then comes an urgent urge to go beyond the animals, to go beyond this so-called human society, to inquire into the very life source - one’s consciousness. Then you have entered a mystery that is unending.

You will never be bored. I say this to you with absolute authority, because I am not talking about it, I am within it, part of it. I have never felt a single moment of boredom.

But I will not tell you to believe in what I say. I can only tell you to proceed step by step, so that one day you can also experience this immense benediction. It is your birthright.