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Chapter 3: Close Your Eyes and Try to Catch Him

I have watched many people die. It rarely happens that a person dies with God on his mind; almost always, nine out of ten times, people die with sex on their minds. And that becomes the beginning of another life: sex on the mind becomes the beginning of another sex life.

But it has to be so if you have not been working hard to go beyond it, to go beyond its grip. If you have not been struggling hard to release yourself from its clutches, then it is going to be so - because at the moment of death you start thinking more of sex, because sex seems to be just the opposite of death. Sex is birth; mind fantasizes about sex. And when the last moment has come when the body is going to disappear, a bout of energy, the last bout, streams into your head, overpowers you. If you die with sex on the mind, you will be moving again into the wheel of life, what the Hindus call anagamin, coming and going, coming and going; a repetitious circle.

Go to the home of beauty and form,
should you wish to see the man within.

The Bauls say, Go to the home of beauty and form, should you wish to see the man within. Love is more aesthetic; lust is almost non-aesthetic. Lust is ugly, and you can observe it. When somebody looks at you with lust in his eyes, have you watched the face? - it becomes ugly. Even a beautiful face becomes ugly when lust is there in the eyes. And just the opposite also happens: even an ugly face becomes beautiful when there is love in the eyes. Love in the eyes gives a totally different color to the face; a different aura arises. Lust gives a black aura, a very evilish aura around you. To look at somebody with lust is ugly. It is not the search for beauty.

One of the greatest Indian poets, Rabindranath, has said that, “Beauty is truth,” and he is right. And he was very impressed by the Bauls. In fact, he was the first man to introduce the Bauls to the West; he was the first man to translate a few Baul poems into English. He was a sort of Baul himself: he says, “Beauty is truth.” If you seek beauty you will become truthful. The more aesthetic you become, the more sensitive you become towards beauty, the more balanced and harmonious you will become - because finally, beauty belongs to God.

Let me explain it to you:

You see a woman. If you look with lustful eyes, you see only the body, the matter, the material part; if you look with love, you see something that is not matter, that is spiritual. And if you see a woman with prayer, then you see something absolutely divine; it depends on your eyes. With lustful eyes you see only the body part of the woman; with loveful eyes you see the spiritual part of the woman; and with prayerful eyes you see the divine - God himself. Wherever your sensitivity towards beauty is perfect, the divine is revealed.