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Chapter 8: The Tender Trap

You have spoken about art. You have said that most of it is ill, that Picasso’s paintings are only mad and a therapy for him. I agree with you - but I also know that I love the aesthetics of decadence. I know too that it is my mirror of my illness - but I too believe that there exists a little more as well.
This little difference is important. In the little difference, life is hidden. I loved you speaking about aesthetics. Don’t you think there is a beauty in the leaves of autumn? Don’t you think there can also be an acceptance of madness? A surrender and knowing that all is good? The setting sun - what colors! Don’t you think there exists a glimpse of the unknown in the paintings of Picasso? Don’t you think there exists a madness without consciousness and a madness with consciousness?
In real beauty I find always life and death. For me this problem is not abstract - I live it. I love a dying violet.

It is significant to go into the aesthetics of life.

First thing: while listening to me, remember you are neither to agree with me nor to disagree with me. If you agree or disagree, you miss the point. Agreement, disagreement, is of the mind. When you say you agree with me, what are you saying? You are really saying, “I agree with you.” You are saying, “Whatsoever you are saying is in tune with my own thinking.” But if this is agreement, then I will not be able to transform you.

If you disagree with me, that is also the same: something is going against your prejudice, your idea, then you disagree. When something goes with your idea, you agree; when something goes against your idea, you disagree - but you remain there, agreeing, disagreeing. And in both ways, you will not be able to understand what I am making available to you.

You, please, forget about agreeing, disagreeing - this is not a philosophical discourse. I am not teaching you philosophy or aesthetics. I am simply opening my heart to you. You just listen! Don’t be in a hurry to agree or disagree; don’t go on agreeing, disagreeing while I am speaking to you; otherwise, your agreements, disagreements will become a barrier.

First listen. First get in tune with me! First fall in harmony with me. Let there arise an accord. Accord does not mean agreement. Accord simply means you are in love with me - not with what I say. You are simply in love with my being. My saying this or that is irrelevant.

First you fall in accord with me.and from there insights will start exploding in you. They will be transforming.

You say: “You have spoken about art. You have said that most of it is ill, that Picasso’s paintings are only mad and a therapy for him. I agree with you.”

You miss the point. It was not a statement to be agreed with or disagreed with. I was opening a door. I was not saying anything about Picasso; I was just illustrating a point; I was just giving you an example so that things could become more concrete. I was not condemning Picasso!

You say you agree with me? That means these were your ideas before you heard me, and you jumped upon them. You said, “Right! Osho, you are right because you agree with me. You must be right.”

If you feel that way, you have protected yourself. You will remain the same; in fact, you have become more strong, you have strengthened yourself. Can’t you avoid agreement, disagreement? It is difficult, because the mind is so accustomed to agreeing, disagreeing - immediately.

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