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Chapter 12: To Create a Balance

What do I mean by unconscious meditative time? You simply go into the garden, you play around with your children - that is unconscious meditative time. Or you swim in the swimming pool - that is unconscious meditative time. Or you mow your lawn, or you listen to the birds - that is unconscious meditative time. That too is disappearing because whenever people have time, they are sitting before their TV's, glued to their seats.

Now, tremendously dangerous information is being put into your mind by the TV; you will not be able to digest it. Or you are reading newspapers - all kinds of nonsense is being fed to you. Whenever you have time you put the radio or the TV on. Or someday you are feeling very good and you want to relax and you go to the movie. What kind of relaxation is this? The movie will not allow you relaxation because continuously information is thrown into you.

Relaxation means no information is thrown into you. Listening to a cuckoo will do, because no information is fed to you. Listening to music will do, because no information is thrown into you. Music has no language; it is pure sound. It does not give any message; it simply delights you. Dancing will be good, music will be good, working in the garden will be good, playing with children will be good, or just sitting doing nothing will be good. This is the cure. And if you do it consciously, the impact will be greater. Create a balance.

Neurosis is an unbalanced state of mind: too much activity and no inactivity at all, too much masculine and no feminine at all, too much yang and too little of yin. And you have to be fifty-fifty, you have to keep a deep balance. A symmetry is needed inside you. You have to be an ardhanarishwar - half man, half woman - then you will never go neurotic.

And that is the whole process of the book, The Secret of the Golden Flower: it will make you disappear as man, as woman; it will make you one whole, one unity; it will give you individuation.

The individual is neither male nor female, it is simple unity. Strive to achieve it between time spent doing, versus time spent not doing. This is wholeness, this is what Buddha called his middle way, majjhim nikai. Just be exactly in the middle. And remember, you can become unbalanced to the other extreme too: you can become too inactive. That will be dangerous also. That has its own pitfalls and dangers. If you become too inactive, your life loses dance, your life loses joy, you start becoming dead.

So I am not saying become inactive, I am saying let there be a balance between action and inaction. Let them balance each other and you be just in the middle. Let them be two wings of your being. No wing should be bigger than the other.

In the West, action has become too big, inaction has disappeared. In the East, inaction became too big and action disappeared. The West knows affluence, richness on the outside and poverty inside; the East knows richness, affluence inside and poverty on the outside. Both are in misery because both have chosen extremes.

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