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Chapter 3: Crying for the Light

But they can create a great turmoil of words; they can create a great smoke of words. And if you also live in words there is every possibility you will be deceived. That’s how millions of people are lost - the blind are leading those otherwise blind. The articulate blind are leading the inarticulate blind; the informed blind are leading the uninformed blind.

And whenever a man of eyes is born - a Jesus, a Buddha, a Bahauddin, a Hakim Sanai - all those scholars and learned people are immediately in agreement about one thing, that Jesus is wrong. They may not agree about what bread is, they may not agree about anything else, but about one thing they immediately agree, that Jesus is wrong.

They may be Hindus, they may be Mohammedans, they may be Jews, they may be somebody else. But when there is a man like Jesus they immediately all fall into agreement because they all see the risk; if Jesus is right, then they are all wrong. Jesus has to be proved wrong. And if they cannot prove - and they cannot prove - then Jesus has to be destroyed. If they cannot prove then the only way is to remove Jesus from people’s lives.

And once Jesus is killed, the same people who killed Jesus will become Jesus’ followers, popes, bishops and priests. Again they are there to philosophize. With Jesus there is trouble, but with Jesus’ words there is no problem. They can spin and weave around any word; whether it is from Moses or Jesus makes no difference to them. Now Jesus becomes their center of philosophizing.

Buddha became the greatest source of philosophers. A strange phenomenon, unbelievable - because Buddha was utterly against philosophy. His whole life he remained absolutely anti-philosophy. He never talked about any philosophical subject. He was down to earth; he was a pragmatist, a practical man. If you had asked him about God he would have immediately pushed the question aside and would have told you, “How is it going to transform you? Talking about God is meaningless; don’t waste time. Think about meditation, think about compassion, think about things which can transform you. What can God do?”

If you had asked him about the afterlife he would have immediately stopped you, “Don’t talk nonsense. You are alive, and you don’t know what life is, and you are thinking about the afterlife? You don’t know what you are right now and you are asking, ‘What will I be after death?’ This is utter stupidity. Rather, go into yourself and see who you are. And if you have known yourself then there is no problem. When you die you will know whether you survive or not. Why make much fuss about it right now?”

And how can it be decided? There is no way of deciding. Even if the whole world says that you will survive the bodily death, still the doubt will persist. Who knows? Everybody will be wrong - because the whole world used to believe that the earth was flat, and the whole world was wrong. The earth is not flat; now we know. The whole world has believed, down the ages, that the sun moves around the earth. Now we know the earth moves around the sun, not vice versa.

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