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Chapter 5: It Is Your Being

It was invented for a different type of people from you - for those who were very loving and nonviolent, for those who were simply natural, simple; for those who lived in nature, in villages; for those who were not educated, uneducated; for those who were simply human, not very much cultivated and conditioned. They were animal-like - pure, simple, innocent. The Aum was invented for them. Even this much was enough to change them. It is a very delicate hammer, Aum. It hits the heart very delicately. But it was enough for them because they had hearts. For you it will not do. You need a very violent hammer.

Sufis invented this second sound, Hoo. This is part of Allah-Hoo. Sufis repeat, “Allah! Allah!” and when you repeat it continuously, it becomes “Allah-Hoo! Allah-Hoo! Allah-Hoo! Allah-Hoo!” Then the beginning part is dropped, the Allah is dropped, and only Hoo is retained. Then it becomes, “Hoo! Hoo! Hoo!” When you say Hoo it goes directly to the sex center. It penetrates directly to the sex center; it hits the sex center.

This age is so sexual that you need a hammering on the sex energy. The heart is no more there. If you are going to try Aum, you are knocking at a door which is vacant. No one lives there now. The center of gravity has shifted down to the sex center. Your center is not the heart. The heart can be the center when you are centered in love, but now you are centered in sex, not in love.

Psychologists say that love is nothing but a foreplay to sex. They are right - because they have no other specimen to study. They study you and then they come to conclude that love is nothing but a foreplay - just creating a situation in which sex can happen, nothing else. So when sex has happened, love disappears. It is just like when you feel hungry you gravitate toward food and look at food with enchanted eyes. But when your hunger is satiated, you look away from the food. All the enchantment is lost.

So when you love your wife or your husband, the love is just an etiquette to enter into sex - because it will be too rude to start. So it just plays like a lubricating agent. And when sex is satisfied, the husband moves to his own side of the bed and goes to sleep. He is finished; all the enchantment is gone. It will come again only when he feels a type of hunger. Psychologists say that love is nothing but a foreplay - just a mannerism. And they are right, because they do not know any other type of man.

Aum was invented, discovered, for a different type: for those who were in love. Not that they never had sex: they had it; otherwise you would not have been here. They were having sex, but the basic difference of quality is this: they were centered in love and their sex was but an expression of it, nothing else. Love was basic and sex was just one of the many expressions of it - the deepest expression, but expression of love. They loved first and then sex happened. It was not cerebral, it was not planned.

If you want to use the contemporary jargon, then I can say that sex was nothing but an afterplay. The psychologists say that love is nothing but a foreplay, but I say that then sex was nothing but an afterplay - just to finish the game. It was the peak, but it was not the center. Love was the center. Then the heart functioned in a different way, vibrated in a different way. Then Aum was enough to work with. Aum will help a person who is very loving and who has a heart; otherwise, it will not help him.