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Chapter 5: Never Born, Never Dies

Hearing Yama’s words, Nachiketa said, “Knowing one, tell me of the divine which is experienced beyond religion or irreligion, which is outside the world of cause and effect, which is separate from past, present and future and from all that is related to it.”

Yama said, “I will tell you the ultimate sound of which all the Vedas have spoken. And I will tell you of the sound towards which all spiritual practices approach, the sound that is the reason for which seekers practice brahmacharya - the sound is om.”

“This eternally resonating sound is the ultimate reality. Having experienced it, whatever one wishes becomes his own.”

“It is the greatest support. It is the ultimate refuge. By experiencing this sound the seeker will enter brahmaloka, the dimension of the divine.”

“The eternally all-knowing soul is never born and never dies. It is neither a cause nor an effect. It is ageless, unborn, permanent, eternal. Nothing can be added to it or taken away from it. Even when the body has died, the soul cannot die.”

“If a murderer believes that he can kill, and if the one to be killed believes that he can be killed, both are deluded. Neither can the soul kill nor can it be killed.”

“The soul, which resides in the inner sanctum of the heart of all living beings, is the most subtle and the most great. The glory of the soul can be seen only by the rare, desireless and tranquil seeker by the grace of the supreme brahman, the sustainer of all.”

First, it will be good to understand one original discovery of the Indian spiritual search; only then will you be able to enter into these sutras.

By deeply analyzing matter, modern science has come to the conclusion that if we go on breaking down and dividing a particle of matter, what finally remains cannot be further divided. Right now, the ultimate unit or particle is electricity: it is called the atom. That is why, according to science, whatever is visible in the world is made of electricity in various combinations. Matter is only solidified electricity and electricity is only solidified matter; electricity is the fundamental element.

Eastern mystics have also discovered a fundamental element but their discovery is from another dimension. Western science went on dividing matter from molecule to atom and from atom to electron, and they ended with electricity. Eastern mystics have gone deeply into it and reached to the very core of consciousness. They have called that deepest point “the sound”.

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