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Chapter 3: A Grand Approach to Reality

And now the prime minister himself has a girlfriend. His old wife is still there - he has not divorced her - and he is moving publicly with his girlfriend. The difference in age is great too, and he is even going to the parliament with his girlfriend.

The French president has refused an invitation from the University of Athens to give him an honorary doctorate. He refused, saying that, “I will not come because of your prime minister.”

And other countries.. The Soviet Union has refused to have anything to do with Greece unless this man divorces his wife. But there are problems: the Orthodox Church of Greece does not allow divorce. And the prime minister is afraid.

And what happened to the archbishop?

Amrito, when you go back, ask him what happened to his morality. Why is he silent? Why not dynamite the prime minister’s house? He is absolutely the right person to be dynamited.

What more corruption do you want?

What do you mean by morality?

Now the archbishop is completely silent.

There is no God, hence there is no need of any atheism. You cannot deny something which does not exist.

So my suggestion to the Atheist Society of America is to call your society the Agnostic Society of America. Agnostic means one who is searching for the truth; he is on the way, he is a seeker. He is not a believer. He does not believe in theism, he does not believe in atheism - because both are believers and both are wrong. All believers are ignorant. In what they believe does not matter. You believe in God, somebody believes in no God.

And as I was saying, I asked Amrito when I was in Greece, “How many people belong to the Orthodox Church?”

She said, “Almost ninety percent.”

And I said, “How many people attend the church every Sunday?”

She said, “Not more than four percent.” And who are these four percent who attend? - old, almost-dead women, with one foot in the grave and one foot in the church.

This archbishop of Greece wanted to have a procession against me in front of my house, but he could not manage it because his whole congregation consisted of six old ladies. It would have looked so embarrassing and idiotic.

I have never heard any theist talking about God, but atheists are continuously saying, “There is no God.” This being too much concerned about God is dangerous. You are more concerned than the theists. Your whole literature consists of denying, continuously denying. One sentence only would be enough.

Whom are you denying? There has never been any God.

There is no reason for anybody to be an atheist.

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