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Chapter 4: Two Empty Skies Meeting

Look at the faces of people - their agony and anguish is written so clear. They are broadcasting nothing else but their agony and their anguish. And the problem is they are wearing a dead mask, a personality, which cannot grow with them. Of course it is always lagging behind. It cannot grow. They are growing continuously and it becomes a dead weight.

Remember, with the false you will be crushed. Never keep company with the false. If you really want to grow into a blooming being, if you really want to give freedom to your being, never keep company with the false. Be true, whatsoever the cost. I repeat again: in the beginning it may seem that these pretensions are very good. They are not. Your mind is deceiving you.

And if you try to keep company with the true, ego will disappear on its own accord. Otherwise it goes on finding new ways, new methods to feed itself.

People have become so false that you cannot imagine. I was reading an anecdote:

Sadie Perlmutter was sent to the finest, most expensive finishing school in New York. There she learned all there was to know about etiquette. Despite the expense, her mother was very proud of her. Then one dark night Sadie staggered into their Park Avenue apartment with her clothes all ripped. “I have been raped on Central Park South,” Sadie sobbed.

“You know who did it?”

“No, I don’t.”

“You mean, after all the etiquette you studied you did not even ask, ‘With whom am I having the pleasure?’”

People go on keeping their etiquette, their mannerisms, their falsities, their pretensions, even in such situations where it is unimaginable.

I know one man whose house was on fire, but the first thing that he did running out of the house was to tie his tie. The house is on fire and he could not run out of it without his tie. The personality becomes so clinging to you and you become so clinging to it.

I have heard about a great professor who was so polite that even when he was angry he would be polite - even in the expression of his anger. One day he was so angry with a student that he was boiling hot, and he said, “Please go to hell!”.Please go to hell?

Just watch yourself. Personality is the father of the ego. If you drop personality you will find the ego has died on its own accord.

I have heard:

An elderly woman visited an art gallery showing abstract paintings and asked the attendant, “What is that?”

“That is the painter, lady.”

“And that?”

“The painter’s wife, lady.” The attendant was a little annoyed.

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