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Chapter 1: The Great Way Is Not Difficult

No, Sosan is not going to give you any medicine, any method. He is not going to suggest to you what to do. He is simply going to insist again and again and again, a thousand and one times, that you understand how you have created this whole mess around you, how you are in such misery. Nobody else has created it; it is your mind’s disease of preference, of choosing.

Don’t choose. Accept life as it is in its totality. You must look at the total: life and death together, love and hate together, happiness and unhappiness together; agony and ecstasy together. If you look at them together, then what is there to choose? If you see they are one, then from where can choice enter? If you see agony is nothing but ecstasy, ecstasy nothing but agony; if you can see happiness is nothing but unhappiness; love is nothing but hate, hate is nothing but love - then where to choose? How to choose? Then choice drops.

You are not dropping it. If you drop it, that will become a choice - this is the paradox. You are not supposed to drop it, because if you drop it that means you have chosen for and against. Now your choice is for totality. You are for totality and against division, but the disease has entered. It is subtle.

You simply understand, and the very understanding becomes the dropping. You never drop it. You simply laugh, and you ask for a cup of tea.

Enough for today.