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Chapter 6: Rising in Love

Put your intellect aside. And remember, I am not telling you to put your intelligence aside. On the contrary, if you can put the intellect aside you will be far more intelligent because intelligence and intellectuality are not synonymous, they are antagonistic. Intelligence is a clarity; intellectuality is nothing but a clouded state. Intellectuality means you are too knowledgeable; your knowledge goes on interfering. Your mind is continuously interpreting, your mind is judging.

Listen to me without any judgment. I am not saying agree with me - there is no question of agreement or disagreement - just listen.

When you go to the mountains and you listen to the sound of a waterfall, do you agree with it or disagree with it? You simply listen! When you listen to beautiful music, do you agree or do you disagree? There is no question of agreement or disagreement; listening is nonjudgmental.

Hence the critics go on missing many things. If a critic goes to listen to music, his listening is not total; he is constantly comparing, judging, interpreting. You have to be very noncritical. You have to be just open, vulnerable, receptive, silent; so that whatsoever is happening can penetrate to the deepest core of your being.

If you are full of your own mind, Govindo, you are going to misunderstand me; that is bound to happen.

Miss Zockwoski, an attractive redhead, got on a crowded bus and stood near a young fellow.

The lad, thinking of giving his seat to her, looked up and said, “How far?”

“You got your nerve!” snapped the Polish girl. “Would I ask you how long?”

If you are carrying something in your mind, if you are preoccupied, then whatsoever you hear is not what is being said, it is what you are capable of hearing.

Quizmaster: “Lady, for fifty dollars, tell me who was the first man on earth?”

Lady: “Adam.”

Quizmaster: “Right. Now for two hundred dollars tell me Eve’s first words when she met Adam.”

Lady (stuck for an answer, turns to the quizmaster and says): “Gee, that’s a hard one, isn’t it?”

Quizmaster: “Give this lady two hundred dollars!”

Don’t remain preoccupied with your own thoughts. You must have come with great knowledge, you must have come with conceptions of your own and you are listening through a jungle of your own ideas.

What I am saying is very simple, utterly simple. My statements are absolutely ordinary. I am not a holy man, I am not a saint. I am far more ordinary than you are! I have nothing special about me. I don’t exist at all, how can I be special? So my statements are very simple - a child can understand them. But you can go on missing.

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