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Chapter 7: Devotion Has No Cause

The deer of illusion resides in the body.
How to save the crop?
It eats up whatever is sown
And the love for the divine can never grow.

Everyone wants the attributes of God
But no one wants to disappear into God;
The egoist feels inferior inside,
Sahajo says: He will never rise high.

The mind is always split;
No stillness in the heart.
Waves of sexual desires sweep away
The fruits of the divine.

The divine’s alchemist stone turns all to gold,
It exists in the heart of the spiritually rich.
The pauper’s eye cannot recognize it,
Sahajo says: He will lose it.

Sahajo says: Remember God secretly in your heart.
Your lips will not move,
No one will know.

Sahajo says: Remember God in such a way
That only you and God know it,
But the world does not know it.

There is an ancient story. There was a great city, it was vast, its boundaries spread as far as the horizon, but it is said that it was small enough to be held in a fist. It had high buildings, its skyscrapers touched the sky, but it is said that their height was not more than that of an onion. Millions of people lived in it, but it is said that those who could count rightly always found only three. For them there were not more than three people living there.

It was a time of crisis. There was a rumor that an enemy was going to attack. All the people gathered on the vast ground in the middle of the city to decide what to do. But those who had eyes saw that actually only three people had gathered. And these three people were very strange - they looked like beggars, their faces had the look of madmen, and it appeared as if they had not bathed for years. Those three discussed the situation among themselves.

The first one was far-sighted. His fame had spread far and wide as a great thinker. He could even see the feet of ants walking on the moon, although he could not see the Himalayas in front of his eyes. It is said that the far-sighted person was absolutely blind. He had hidden his blindness in the name of far-sightedness. He could not see anything close-up so he was claiming to be far-sighted. Nobody could see those faraway things so there was no argument about it. He did not talk about small things, he discussed the great doctrines. He never talked about something which could be useful in life. He never talked about anything other than God, heaven or liberation. He was absolutely blind, but he was famous for being a far-sighted philosopher.

The second person could hear the music of the stars and the moon; although he could not hear the clouds thundering above his head. He was absolutely deaf. He could not hear at all, and to hide his deafness he had invented scriptures of subtle music which nobody could hear except him.

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