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Chapter 5: Trust Is Natural to Man

Mahakashyapa was a rare being in his own right; there is every possibility that even without Buddha he would have become a buddha. It would have taken a little longer, maybe he would have taken a little more time, but it seems almost certain that he would have become a buddha even without Buddha. But think of Simon called Peter, or his brother Andrew. Nobody can conceive that without Jesus they could have become anything whatsoever.

He not only promised, he did the miracle. “Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men” - and certainly more men have been caught in the net Jesus has thrown into the sea of humanity than in any other net. Half of the world is caught in the net. All the apostles, all twelve of the apostles, were very ordinary, uneducated, common people, and upon them he built the whole structure.

Peter, Simon called Peter - Jesus has made him the very rock on which the whole of Christianity stands. The word Peter means rock. On Peter’s rock the whole of Christianity stands and is supported by him. Yes, Jesus did make them fishers of men - and not only fishers of men. He delivered more than he promised: he made them fishers of God. And they straightway left their nets, and followed him.

When Mahakashyapa came to Buddha, he argued. When Mahakashyapa came to Buddha he had five thousand of his own disciples, he was a great teacher in his own name. When Sariputta came he had thousands of disciples of his own, he was a great scholar. For years he waited and argued. They were not men of trust, they were men of doubt and skepticism - very cultured minds, cultivated minds, geniuses in a way.

But Jesus worked with ordinary mud and transformed it into gold. You cannot find a greater alchemist than Jesus. And they straightway left their nets, and followed him - this is the miracle.

People went to Mahavira and argued, people went to Buddha and argued, because the whole Indian continent has been arguing for millennia. People have become trained here; they are born with philosophies. People come to me, very ordinary people, but they never come down below the level of brahman, the ultimate. They talk about brahman; it has become part of their blood.

But Jesus worked with very simple people. His very presence was the proof. In religion presence is first, proof is second. In philosophy proof is first, presence is second. Sariputta would open his eyes to Buddha only when Buddha had proved himself, argued for himself, when he had defeated Sariputta and his mind totally. Then he would open his eyes. Proof was first, presence was second.