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Chapter 5: Session 5

I don’t want to hear.

I can relax again

and face the rainbows.

This is the very essence of poetry.

This is the moment

when Jesus delivered his parables,


The Sermon on the Mount.

It was spoken

at such a moment.

It does not mean that it was spoken from a mountain, but from a very great height; from this height. Only from this height is it possible to speak of truth and beauty. This is the beauty. This is the moment, the very moment that great riches are created. You are so close to that moment.but so far. It is there within you; whenever you dive within yourself you can reach it. But I don’t want in any way to interfere with your life..

In fifteen minutes I can produce a Sermon on the Mount. This moment is true enough. What should I speak of? I am not asking you, I am asking this beautitude surrounding me..

What should I speak of O Lord?

Of beauty?

Of bliss?

Of silence.?

There is so much to say but it all comes to the same. Whether it is joy, beauty, silence, it means the same: silence..

My only experience is that of such great silence that in it even I am not.only silence prevails.I mean infinitely, without an end, without limits.

Words - they can do much, but not much really. If one remains beyond then one has lost words.

Chemistry is a by-product of alchemy. Alchemy was just an effort to hide the truth of meditation from the priests and the popes. Behind its facade was nothing but pure religiousness. In this Noah’s Ark it is the very essence of truth, beauty, consciousness.and beauty is the last, the ultimate prayerfulness.

If there is still time I can still sing one song more. My song may not be much, just a birdsong, maybe less, but who cares when it comes to singing a birdsong! It may be just colors, but the colors of a rainbow.

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