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Chapter 8: Dissolved in the Universal Soul

One scientist was experimenting with hens. When a chicken comes out of the egg, the first exposure it has is to the mother hen. She has been sitting very carefully and lovingly on the egg. When the chick comes out it begins to run after the mother. Then the scientist placed a rubber balloon over the egg and removed the hen. As soon as the chicken came out of the egg it saw the rubber balloon - and instead of the hen that rubber balloon became the mother. The chicken began to run after the balloon wherever it moved, it did not worry about the mother at all. Even if the mother hen went near the baby chicken it would not bother about it. That balloon became a problem for the whole life of that chicken. That chicken could never love any rooster, a rubber balloon became its love.

Many similar experiments have been done which have made it clear that the moment of birth is very important. Whatever impressions are received at that moment will remain with us for the rest of our lives.

That is why psychologists say that every son is in search of a woman who is like his mother. He may or may not be aware of this, but it is true. And it is very difficult to find a woman just like your mother! Hence every woman creates unhappiness for you. The problem will continue because the one for whom you are searching will never be found - and no woman is marrying you to adopt you as her son. She is looking for her father, you are looking for your mother. It is a complicated business! There is not going to be any happiness in this. Hence marriage is a hell because so many unconscious impressions from within you are functioning and creating the struggle.

All the impressions that happen during this first moment will remain with you for your whole life. The impressions at the time of your falling in love will also leave their impact on your whole life. Also, the impact at the time of the death of your loved one will remain with you for the rest of your life.

And the impressions that gather at the time of your own death will remain with you into your next life.

This Upanishad is about death. This is why it is worth reading and understanding at the time of a death ceremony. At the moment when the impact of death is deep on you, when the shadow of death is hovering around you and when life appears meaningless to you, if someone who knows the mysteries of this Upanishad reveals its secrets to you, then the impact will be profound. It can be the alchemy that will transform your whole life.

Now get ready for meditation.