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Chapter 4: Where Do We Go from Here?

Naturally, the murderer cannot be changed by your courts, by your laws. And for thousands of years your laws have gone on growing, your courts go on becoming bigger, and you have more judges. But do you know, your murders are not less. They are increasing far more rapidly than your judges. Strange - there is something basically wrong.

Anything that is done should not be taken in the spirit of revenge, punishment; but the outside society lives only with greed and fear. Give respectability to a person who is obedient to the rotten society, and give punishment to anybody who does anything against the society. This society is not for transformation.

But my people should behave differently. You are to prepare the ground for the new man and for a new human existence. And these are the chances, opportunities.

Sheela has given you a great opportunity to learn the power of love and forgiveness, and to see that there is no alchemy which can transform a man other than love.

So if these people come back - and also those who have remained here - they should be specially treated, with love and great joy and dance and rejoicing that they have come home. And I promise you, your love will change them. There is no other way to change a person.

So don’t unnecessarily get worried, seeing the same people still holding power posts. I know about it, but I know that they have revolted in favor of you, against Sheela - and now you are misbehaving with them. They should be rewarded. And they are the people who will bring out everything that has been done; they are the authentic witnesses.

But if you are behaving badly with them, you will not be able to win their hearts. And five thousand people, trusting, loving, cannot win the hearts of a dozen people? Then love is useless; trust is useless.

You are just functioning with your old, conditioned mind that you have carried from the outside world.

And you are feeling another thing which you have to be reminded of, because if you are not reminded, you will create another fascist regime.

Freedom does not mean license.

In Magdalena restaurant, people are not ready to prepare food. They are free. They want to meditate. Then what is going to happen to five thousand people?

People are not working the way they were working under Sheela. That means you need Sheela. You should be working more - to prove that Sheela’s fascism was unnecessary. People are not coming to their work, and even if they come they don’t work. Do you see the implication of it?

Five thousand people have to live self-sufficiently. You have to produce your food, your houses, your vegetables, your milk products - everything. And if you are not working, because you think that’s what freedom means, then you are behaving stupidly.

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