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Chapter 9: A Philosopher Asks Buddha

I have heard: Mulla Nasruddin fingered a banker who was coming out of his office and said, “What about two annas for a cup of coffee?”

The Mulla was looking so distraught, so sad, that the man felt for him, and he said, “Here is one rupee. Take it and have eight cups of coffee.” So Mulla went.

Next day he was again there on the steps of the office, and as the banker came out, he punched his face, on the nose.

The man said, “Hey, what are you doing? And this is after I gave you one rupee just yesterday? What type of thankfulness is this?”

Mulla said, “You and your lousy eight cups of coffee.” And he punched him again on his nose and said, “They kept me awake the whole night!”

Nobody has said to him, “Go and take eight cups of coffee right now!” Don’t take even a buddha in too much of a dose, it will keep you awake the whole night - and you may like to punch my nose! Be understanding, sensitive. Move according to your understanding, your possibility, your capacity. Look always at the shadow of the whip, and move according to the shadow. Be more alert, more and more alert, otherwise even religion can be poison; otherwise you can fall into hell because of a buddha.

Buddha is not the certainty, he is not the guarantee. Finally your own awareness.If you are aware, by and by, you will see that less and less thoughts come to the mind. The old pail breaks. The water flows out. It makes no reflection of the moon, and only when the reflection is gone can you look at the sky, at the real moon. No water, no moon.

Enough for today.