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Chapter 29: Power Corrupts People

And I don’t hold any position; I have never been in any position. I am not even a sannyasin. I am not member of the commune. I am just a guest, they love me, they can ask for advice, that’s all. To follow it or not to follow is their business. I never even ask what happened to my advice.

And my whole insistence is to be very doubtful, very skeptical and always remember that the human tendency is to exploit other human beings. So anything you feel can exploit you, any order that is given to you and you feel it is inhuman, you refuse point blank. For example, Sheela was trying to kill people. She managed to kill one person and the people simply trusted that whatever she is saying they have just to surrender. They behaved like Christians, Hindus, Mohammedans. Not like my people. So it has made me aware that I have to awaken my people and make them more individual, more free, and do things only when they appeal to their intelligence, to their rationality. And once they do anything on their own intelligence they are responsible for it, they cannot dump it on anybody else, because they had the chance to say no.

So it will take few days, but I will make it defused. And it is not going to be difficult. We have a very intelligent group of people. The only problem that created the whole thing was that I became almost an invisible god to them and Sheela became the pope. I have never made her a pope, so it is not difficult at all. And people have to be trained for democratic values and respect those democratic values.

Anything that has happened in these three years: efforts to kill my physician, my caretaker, my dentist; if the people were a little alert and not gullible, they would have refused, or they would have informed the police. Much poison was asked from the pharmacist here to order, but he seems to be a man of understanding, he refused. He said, “This much poison is of no use.” But he suspected, for what they are ordering so much poison? But this was enough. If he was a little more alert, he should have reported the police immediately. Although he refused, but he did not report anybody. And that poison they were ordering, and they managed to get it from somewhere, to poison The Dalles water system. Now this is simply ugly, sickening.

They brought three thousand street people. And to me they lied. Sheela said that, “We have from the festival, surplus money and it will be a good humanitarian act to have a Share-a-Home program. I said, “If you have more money, then it is perfectly good.” But later on I discovered that it was not Share-a-Home program, that it was an effort to take over the county. And I am absolutely against dirty politics, I don’t want my people to be involved in politics in any way.

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