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Chapter 6: Awakening

You can bridge the gap through being more alert, that’s why there is so much emphasis on being alert, aware, witnessing, watchful. Why? Because the more you become alert, the more the unconscious becomes conscious. That is the only way. If you remain more alert, if you walk with awareness, if you talk, listen, with awareness, if you eat, take your bath, with awareness, not like a robot, not walking in sleep and doing things, or doing things and thinking about other things - that too is a sort of sleep - no, if consciously, mindfully, you do your thing, chunks of the unconscious are being transformed into consciousness, and by and by, more and more of your iceberg comes out of the water of darkness, out of the ocean.

When the whole of you is out of darkness, this is samadhi, this enlightenment, this is the state of a Buddha, or an arhat: one who has no longer any unconsciousness in him, one who has no longer any dark corners within his being. The whole house is lighted. Now, you have attained to a unity - on a higher plane. So a Buddha is pure like an animal, simple like an animal. The animal has its innocence because of ignorance, and Buddha has his innocence because of his enlightened awareness. The cause has changed.

This is the first thing, before we enter this story.

The second thing: a man comes to a point where he starts feeling that suicide is the only way to get out of this whole mess. This point comes in everybody’s life - when you are totally fed up with the struggle, when you are totally bored with the whole effort of being.

Remember, just like suicide, boredom is also very special, it is also human. No animal is ever bored. Look at a buffalo, chewing grass, the same grass every day, sitting and chewing and chewing, never bored. You may get bored looking at her: she is not bored. No animal is ever bored, you cannot bore an animal. Too thick, too dense a mind - how can you bore? For boredom a very, very high sensitivity is needed, the higher your sensitivity, the higher will be your boredom, the more will be your boredom. Children are not bored; they still belong more to the animal world than to the human, they are human animals. They still enjoy simple things, they are not bored. Every day they can go hunting for butterflies and they will never be bored - and they are ready to go every day. Have you ever talked to children, told them a story, the same story? They will say: Tell it again. And you tell it again and they will say: Tell it again.

You cannot bore children. You cannot bore animals. Boredom is human, a very great quality, in fact, because it exists only on a higher plane of consciousness. When one is very sensitive one feels boredom - life seems meaningless, there seems to be no purpose in it; one feels as if it is just an accident, whether you are here or not makes no difference. The moment comes when one is so utterly bored that one starts thinking of committing suicide.

What is suicide? It is simply dropping out. It is just saying that enough is enough. I don’t want to play the game again. I want to drop out of the whole game. Unless this point is reached, religion is not possible, because only from this point can you either commit suicide, or transform yourself. Here is the crossroad.

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