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Chapter 16: The Final Secret

Remember this: I emphasize non-thinking alertness because in non-thinking you may go to sleep if you are not alert. Then it is of no use. You are alert when you are thinking, but that is of no use because thinking creates the clouds. Or, you can be non-thinking and asleep. That too is of no use because the sky is there but you are asleep, so you cannot see it. So, two things are needed: non-thinking alertness - no-thought consciousness, no-mind awareness. If you can create this phenomenon within you - no mind on the one hand and awareness on the other hand - this is what meditation is, this is what I call dhyana.

In this situation, truth becomes revealed. And that truth is one, the most inner one. It is not yours. That center is the center of the whole existence.

You exist only on the periphery, the circumference. The more inward you move, the less and less you become. When you reach to the innermost center, you are no longer. In a sense, you are no longer; the old man is dead. In another sense, for the first time you are, because now the innermost reality is revealed to you, the eternal is revealed to you. Now you have reached that which never changes.

The great and difficult victory, the conquering of the desires of the individual soul, is a work of ages; therefore expect not to obtain its reward until ages of experience have been accumulated. When the time of learning this twelfth rule is reached, man is on the threshold of becoming more than man.

When you enter within, toward the one, you are reaching a new state of existence and being. You are becoming more than man; you are becoming superman because you have reached beyond humanity, the human animal is transcended.

The human animal lives in sleep, deep sleep, unconsciousness. Deeply asleep, you go on doing things. You move on the street and you are asleep. You eat your food and you are asleep. You are listening to me and you are asleep. You are not alert, you are not aware. The mind goes on weaving things within, dreams continue.

You may be physically here. Psychologically, you may not be here at all. Then you are asleep, you may have moved somewhere else. If you have moved somewhere else then you are not here with consciousness. Only your physical body is here.

Remember this: whatsoever you are doing, do it so alertly, with full awareness, that your consciousness is there; it is not allowed to move. Only then will you come to know what awareness is. Moment to moment, move in the present. Don’t go away, or you will have gone into dreams.

This awareness makes you totally different from ordinary humanity: you are alert. You have transcended the world of sleep. You have become more than man.

The knowledge, which is now yours, is only yours because your soul has become one with all pure souls and with the inmost. So don’t get egoistic about it in any way: that you have now gained a superhuman state because you are alert. You are alert only, aware only, you have transcended humanity only, because now you are becoming one with all the great souls. You are becoming one with existence itself.

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