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Chapter 2: With Nothing to Lose

Your confusion is in fact created by yourself. Don’t create that house, then I cannot destroy it. If you create, I am going to destroy. If you stop creating houses - card-houses, they are - if you stop creating houses, if you say, “This man will come and destroy,” if you simply wait and listen and you don’t bother to make any house to live in, then I cannot confuse you. And the day I cannot confuse you will be a great day of rejoicing for you. Because that very moment you will be able to understand me - not by your intellect but by your being. It will be a communion, not a communication. It will be a transfer of energy, not of words. You will have entered into my house.

I will not allow you to create any house because that will be a barrier. Then you will start living in that house and I am trying to bring you into my house. Jesus says to his disciples, “In my God’s house there are many mansions.” I also say to you, “I am taking you on a journey where a great palace is waiting for you.” But I see you making houses by the side of the road and I have to destroy them, otherwise your journey will be destroyed and you will never reach the goal. You start worshipping anything. You are in such a hurry, you are so impatient, that whatsoever I tell you, you simply grab it.

I am not going to allow it to happen. So, be alert. If you are alert there will be no need to confuse you. In fact, if you are alert, whatsoever I do I cannot confuse you. The day you can say, “Now, Osho, you cannot confuse me. Whatsoever you say I listen, I rejoice in it, but I don’t make any conceptualization” is the day I cannot confuse you. Until that moment I am going to confuse you again and again and again.

The third question:

As sex is closely related to death, what is the meaning of spontaneous celibacy?

Sex is more closely related to birth than to death. Birth is out of sex; birth is a sexual phenomenon. Naturally, sex is also closely related to death - but as a by-product. Because birth is out of sex, death is also going to be out of sex. Hence the nonsensical idea arose in the East that if you remain celibate, if you remain a brahmachari, if you go beyond sex, you will never die - you will become an immortal. That is foolish, because death is not something that is going to happen in the future, it has already happened with birth. You cannot avoid it. You can indulge in sex or you can indulge in celibacy, it is going to make no difference.

Mulla Nasruddin had completed his hundredth year, and a few journalists came to interview him. He was the first citizen of his town who had become a centenarian. They asked how he had attained to such great age.

He said, “I never touched wine, I was never interested in women. That must be the reason for it.”

Immediately something in the next room fell very loudly and there was a racket. The journalists became very alert. They said, “What is going on?”

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