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Chapter 2: When Doubt Is Not, Trust Is

The third question:

You tell me to follow my feelings, and when I finally dare to and am feeling much freer and simpler and happier, you say I am immature. What does it mean?

It is from Madhuri.

It means exactly what it says: you are immature. What is immaturity? Whatsoever you are doing, you are doing almost unconsciously. Yes, I say be spontaneous, but I don’t mean be unconscious. I mean be alert and spontaneous. By “being spontaneous” you immediately understand to become driftwood; so whatsoever happens, whatsoever and wheresoever the mind leads you, you are led by it. You become accidental. Immaturity makes a man accidental; maturity gives man a direction.

Maturity comes from the Latin root, maturas, which means “to be ripe.” A fruit is mature when the fruit is ripe, when it has become sweet and is ready to be digested, can be eaten, can become part of anybody’s life. A mature person is one who has come to know what love is, and love has made him sweet.

Now what Madhuri is doing is not love, it is just sexual fantasy - so one day moving with one man, another day moving with another man. This can be very destructive. Remember, what I say has to be understood very accurately, otherwise my sayings will not be helpful. They will become harmful.

It happened:

Mulla Nasruddin came home. His wife asked him, “What happened Nasruddin, when you asked your boss for a raise today?”

“He was like a lamb,” said Mulla Nasruddin.

“Really? What did he say?”


Please listen to what I say carefully, and don’t give it your own interpretation. Don’t distort its meaning. Be spontaneous, but you can be spontaneous only when you are very aware. Otherwise you will become an accident - one moment going to the north, another moment going to the south. You will lose all direction.

A spontaneous man is ready to respond to each moment. Sometimes some may see that he is moving to the north, and sometimes others may see that he is moving to the south, but his inner direction remains absolutely certain. His inner direction remains arrowed. He may have to adjust to circumstances, but once adjusted, he again gains energy, momentum, and starts moving towards his direction. He has a feel for the direction, but that feel comes only when you are very, very alert.

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