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Chapter 4: The Guest Waits for Your I to Die

“I’m bushed, pal,” said the fellow, “want to take over for me a while? I gotta rest up.”

“Glad to, buddy, old’ pal,” mumbled the drunk, as he blundered his way to a parked car nearby.

He had no sooner made himself comfortable than a police car drove up and a flashlight flooded the darkened convertible with its strong beam. “C’mon you two, break it up,” snarled the law.

“But offisher,” protested the lush, “this is my wife!”

“Sorry mister, didn’t know it was your wife.”

“Neither did I until the lights went on.”

You don’t know what you are doing. You call your lust love, you call your desire to possess love, you call your exploitation love. You use the other person and you call it caring. You don’t know what you are doing; you can’t know, unless you start becoming aware and alert about small things first. One has to learn swimming in shallow water.

When you have gone for a morning walk, try to remember. Be mindful, alert. Whatsoever is happening, don’t exclude anything: the distant call of the bird, be aware of it.and the car that has passed by.and a child crying in some house. Be alert to everything, inclusive of all. Just be alert.

It will be difficult - only once in a while will you be alert and again you will become unconscious; the unconscious is such an old, ancient habit. But slowly, slowly a part of you will be freed. In the beginning it will be only the tip of the iceberg, but that is the beginning of a great revolution in your life. And then you can start moving your light of awareness onto deeper things.

And love is the deepest. When love and consciousness meet, prayerfulness arises.

These songs of Kabir are his prayer. Kabir says:

My body and my mind are in depression
because you are not with me.

Man without God is a corpse, man with God is a celebration. Minus God or plus God - these are the only two ways to live your life. Minus God you are nothing but misery, plus God you are nothing but bliss. Minus God you are a negative, black hole. Minus God you only pretend to live, you cannot live. How can there be life minus God? God is life! Yes, you go through all the empty motions, gestures, you act as if you are alive; deep down you know you are not alive, life has not yet happened to you. Birth has happened, but not life.

Life happens only when God has happened. Then a man is twice-born. In the East we call him dwija, twice-born. Then a man really becomes a brahmin, not by birth; nobody can be a brahmin by birth.

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