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Chapter 34: Joyous People Don’t Want War

And what did the UN do? It did not force Pakistan, because America would not like that land to be lost, it is a key point in any war in Asia. So the UN did something futile. They said, “First stop the war, have a cease-fire line.” On one side Indian armies have been standing for forty years, on the other side Pakistani armies have been standing for forty years. Between the two is the camp of the UN observers to make sure that the cease-fire line is not crossed till the matter is settled. Who is going to settle it? And if you cannot settle such a small matter in forty years, how many centuries will you take to settle the third world war?

They cannot settle the matter, because if they settle in favor of Pakistan, Russia will veto it; the settlement is finished. If they settle it in favor of India, America will veto it, and the matter is finished. So it is in limbo, and it is going to be in limbo perhaps forever, unless my people succeed in dissolving all boundaries; then that cease-fire line will also dissolve.

And this is a sheer wastage! - thousands of people unnecessarily standing there with their guns ready, on alert, on both sides. Just a single crackpot can start shooing, just out of boredom. Forty years.! He was young, now he is old, getting senile. Just for the sake of fun, if one man starts firing from the other side, then immediately both the armies will jump up - and nobody will care about the observers. Perhaps they will be the first ones to be killed.

What has the UN to its credit? Nothing at all. Without any credibility, to claim that they are going to stop the third world war is simply befooling the people. They cannot stop the war between India and Pakistan, between Pakistan and Bangladesh. They cannot stop the war between Israel and the surrounding Mohammedan countries, because everywhere these two great powers are involved.

Israel is supported by the Americans, because the American political parties cannot survive without Jews’ donations to their parties. If they want donations from Jews, they have to stand by the side of Israel. And Russia is behind the Mohammedan countries, which are bigger, surrounding the small Israel from all sides. And since the birth of Israel, the child has been in bed, almost dead. But America is keeping it alive by artificial breathing. If American steps out, Israel will be finished within a day.

America cannot step out, Russia cannot step out. In fact, it is a good opportunity; America has created it. They have a vast majority of Mohammedan countries of the whole Middle East sympathetic towards them, because in any case, these countries will need support. They are all oil countries, that’s why America is hesitating, is now in a fix: if it does too much, goes a little more towards support of Israel, then all the oil countries are in the hands of Soviet Russia. And oil is now far more precious than gold.

The UN in forty years has not been able to do anything - and still these people have the nerve to say they are going to save the world from a third world war. Even in small wars they have not been able.. What did the UN do in Vietnam? Poor people were being killed unnecessarily by Americans. It was none of America’s business. Vietnam belongs to the people who live there, and if they want to be communist, who are you to prevent them? What right have you got? The same was the situation in Korea. The UN has failed utterly, and I am amazed that they are not even ashamed, and are declaring that they will save the coming generations from the third world war.

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