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Chapter 11: Sober Up

Look at American newspapers and you will see that you are missing: happiness can be purchased just through money. They create a feeling that you are missing something; then you start working for it, then you earn money, then you purchase it. And then you feel that you have been deceived. But that feeling is not very deep, because before you feel that you have been deceived some new deceptions have entered the mind, and now they are pulling you ahead. You must have a hill station house, or you must have a summer resort, or you must have a yacht - something is always there to be achieved. Only then will you be happy. They will go on pulling you up to your death. Until you die, those advertisements, that propaganda, will go on pulling you.

This monk is right. This must be part of your alertness - that you should not be fooled by others. The whole society exists on exploitation, exploiting the other. Everybody is exploiting. And this exploitation is not only in the market, it is in the temple, in the church, in the synagogue. It is everywhere.because the priest is also a businessman, and the pope is a super-businessman. Because you need peace, you ask for peace, so there are people who say, “Come to us, we will give you peace.” You ask for bliss, and there are people who are ready to sell bliss to you. If people like Maharishi Mahesh Yogi succeed in the West, they don’t succeed in the East. Nobody listens to them in India. Nobody is bothered.

But America listens to every kind of nonsense. Once you get onto the right channel of propaganda, once you get all the right advertising people, then there is no problem. Maharishi Mahesh Yogi talks as if the inner silence can be purchased immediately, as if within a week you can find meditation; just by sitting for fifteen minutes and repeating a mantra you will be happy forever and ever. And the American mind, which has been poisoned by advertisements, is immediately attracted and a crowd gathers. The crowd goes on changing but it is always a crowd, and it appears as if things are happening. Even temples and churches have become shops.

Meditation cannot be purchased and no one can give it to you. You have to achieve it. It is not something outer, it is something inner, a growth, and that growth comes through awareness. Call your own name, in the morning, in the night, in the afternoon, whenever you feel sleepy, call your own name. And not only call it, answer it and say it loudly. Don’t be afraid of others. You have been afraid of others enough; they have already murdered you through fear. Don’t be afraid. Even in the marketplace, remember. Call your own name, “Teertha, are you here?” And answer, “Yes sir.”

Let people laugh. Don’t be fooled by them. The only thing to be achieved is alertness - not respect, not respectability from people. .Because that is one of their tricks: they make you obedient through respectability. They say, “We will respect you. You bow down and be obedient. Don’t be there at all. Just follow the society and the society will pay you much respect.” This is a mutual arrangement. The more dead you are the more society will pay you respect; the more alive you are the more society will create trouble for you.

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