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Chapter 7: Awareness: The Master Key

If the past is there, you are not aware. If the future is there, you are not aware. Awareness means presence in the present. Just be here this moment. Even if a single thought passes inside you, you are not aware. To be in a thought-process is to be asleep. Not to be in a thought-process is to be awake.

And in that crystal purity of being here, of being now, how can you commit any sin? In that clarity, the ego disappears; and it is the ego which brings all kinds of problems in life. The ego is violent. And if you try to become humble, you may become humble but the ego will remain there hiding behind your humbleness. Unless you become aware, the ego will go on playing new games. The games will be changed; you may move from one prison cell into another prison cell, that’s all, but you will not get out of the prison.

The only way to get out of the prison is to be utterly alert. In that alertness you become crystallized, in that alertness you become centered. And that very centering takes you into the very core of reality. And that experience is so blissful that you cannot remain a thief any longer, because all that you need, all that you have ever desired is fulfilled. In fact, you had never asked so much as is showering on you of its own accord. Who would like to be a thief, for what?

Who would like to murder, for what? You cannot even imagine murdering because now you know nothing can be murdered - all is eternal. It is a futile effort. You cannot kill anything. At the most, you can take the garments away but the inner being continues. Once you have seen your own inner being in the light of awareness, you have seen the being of all. It is eternity. Death is a falsity. Death happens only in dreams, not in truth, not in reality.

How can you rape when you are aware? Awareness brings tremendous love in its wake, and a loving person cannot rape. Rape is possible only when the person has never known anything of love. And remember, the people who are rapists are not the only people who rape. You may be a good husband, and a good wife, married legally and everything, and your relationship may be nothing but rape. If you are unaware you cannot do anything else; your relationship will remain that of a rapist. You may be raping in a legal way, authorized, sanctioned by society, but that doesn’t matter. If your wife is making love to you because it is her duty to make love to the husband whenever the husband wants, it is rape. She is not really in it - it is rape. She is simply fulfilling the duties of a wife. If you are making love to your woman and not being totally present in that moment, it is rape. The woman is raping you; you are raping her.

Love is love only when it is meditative. Love is love only when there is great awareness from both sides. Two “nows” meeting, two “heres” meeting, two presences merging, melting into each other; then it is love and then it has a spiritual quality to it.

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