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Chapter 2: Who Is Watching the Mind?

Logic proceeds in steps, from the beginning to the end. A joke spreads backwards, from the end to the beginning - that is the beauty of it. And it brings laughter, because when the story is going on you become tense - mm? - you want the conclusion immediately. You become very curious about it, what is going to happen. You start throbbing with energy. You become alert, more alert, more alive - and the energy is there; you cannot release it. It becomes a crescendo. Then comes the shattering punch line and the whole energy spreads all over your being. That’s what laughter is.

And I have to tell jokes, because the things that I am saying are so subtle, so deep and profound, that if I simply go on telling you those things, you will fall asleep and you will not be able to listen or to understand. You will remain almost deaf.

The profounder the truth I have to tell you, the worst joke I choose for it. The highest the truth I am trying to relate, then the lowest I have to go in search for a joke. That’s why even dirty jokes.I don’t bother. Even a dirty joke can be helpful - more so because it can shock you to the very roots, to the very guts. And that’s the whole point. It helps you to come again and again to your alertness. When I see you are alert, I again go relating that which I would like to relate to you. When I see again you are slipping into your sleep, I have to bring in a joke again.

If you really listen with alertness, there will be no need - I can say the truth directly. But it is difficult. You start yawning.and it is better to laugh than to yawn.

The third question:

I am going soon to the West. If I call you there, will your help be available to me as it has been available here?

Call me only when it is absolutely needed, when you find that now nothing can be done. First try to do all that you can do. And out of a hundred cases, ninety-nine you will not need to call me. And if you have not called me for ninety-nine cases - you have earned for the hundredth case - you can expect me in every possible way. But don’t make it an everyday thing.

Let me tell you one anecdote - and it is a true anecdote. It has already happened. And I say it is true because it comes to me from a very reliable source: Kamal has sent this story to me.

One day, Swami Arup Krishna, alias Chinani, and Sadar Gurudayal Singh were coming towards the ashram. It had rained for two, three days, and the roads were muddy and dirty water had collected everywhere and the gutters were overflowing. And Gurudayal slipped on a banana peel. Not only that: a small coin fell from his pocket and was lost into the gutter.

He immediately cried, “Satya Sai Baba, Satya Sai Baba, help me!”

Of course, Arup Krishna was very surprised. He said, “Gurudayal, have you gone crazy? You are Osho’s disciple!”

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