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Chapter 6: There Is No Meaning

It goes on and on - of course it has to be so. If you move backwards you will find yourself again and again and again. Otherwise how could you be here? You are supported by your past life, that’s why you are here. And your past life is supported by another past life - that’s why you were in your past life. And this goes on and on and you cannot ask, “How did I come for the first time?” You never came for the first time because even before that you were. Even before the first time you were supported by a past life - elephants on elephants, elephants on elephants. Hindus are really beautiful. They create absurd stories, but those stories have deep meanings and significances. You are here only because the whole past - not your past, the whole past of existence - is supporting you. You are the whole past and yet you have not been able to exhaust all the absurdities. Do you think it will ever be possible to exhaust all the absurdities of the mind? No, nobody has ever been able to. If you become aware, even one day is enough. If you remain unaware, even millions of lives are not enough. If you become aware, even a single moment is enough to see the absurdity of the mind. And if you go on sleeping and snoring then you can go on sleeping and snoring. That’s how you have been in the past, the same you can be in the future.

No, by sleeping you will never exhaust the absurdities of the mind. Don’t hope; that is hopeless. That cannot be done. It is impossible. Become alert. It is time, in fact it is already getting late. Become alert, and suddenly you can see. Because absurdities cannot be exhausted by experiencing, they can only be exhausted by experiencing with awareness. By experience alone you will not be able to exhaust them.

You love one woman but the relationship becomes stale and everything goes wrong. Then you start thinking of another woman. The mind says, “This woman is not right for you, but there exists a right woman. You try to find her. You got hooked with the wrong woman, that’s why the problem has arisen.” The problem has not arisen because of this woman - remember. If you are alert you will see the problem has arisen because of desire, not because of this woman. But the mind says, “Leave this woman, divorce, move to another.” And with another the same thing happens - the mind again says, “Find someone else.” And you go on and on and on. And the mind will always hope that somebody will turn up someday and everything will be right, and you will be in heaven.

It has not happened, it is not going to happen. Otherwise there would be no need of religion, no need of yoga, no need of Tao. By and by everybody would have come to the right life - but it never happens. But hope goes on winning over experience, and to the very end you go on hoping that someday, somehow, everything will be good.

Hope is the basis of all absurdities and the existence is such that with ignorance and a sleeping mind there is no hope. Become alert.

It happened:

Alexander was coming toward India. He met Diogenes on the way. Diogenes was a rare being - if Diogenes had met Lao Tzu, they both would have sat and laughed and laughed and laughed. They are of the same quality.

Alexander was passing. He heard that Diogenes was just nearby so he went to see him. Even Alexander was impressed by the man, even Alexander felt puny before him. Diogenes was a naked fakir, he had nothing, but his being was such - so magnetic, so powerful - that Alexander was impressed, very impressed. In fact it is said that he was never impressed again by any other man.

He asked the secret of it, “How have you become so powerful, not having anything? And I am a world conqueror, I have almost won the whole world. Just a little more is left; soon I will finish. And you - a naked man, having nothing - what is the secret of your happiness?”

Diogenes is reported to have said, “I renounced hope. That is the secret. And I tell you, you also renounce hope; otherwise you will always suffer.”

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