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Chapter 39: Your Mind Is Not Yours

Now there is homosexuality, lesbianism, sodomy, and all kinds of other perversions, and nobody ever thinks about who is responsible. Animals in the wild are never homosexual, but in a zoo, if females are not available, then animals turn homosexual. That gives a clue. It seems we have made our society a zoo, not a natural phenomenon. We have repressed sex so much that now it goes on taking strange shapes.

For example, homosexuality must have been born in monasteries, so I call it a religious thing. In monasteries men are kept separate - no woman is available. In nunneries women are separate - no men are available. In Athos, in Europe, there is one monastery, one thousand years old, which you can enter - but you cannot get out alive. You renounce the world forever: Enter the monastery and the world is finished. In this monastery, not even a six-month-old baby girl is allowed. I sometimes wonder: are monks living inside, or monsters? A six-month-old baby girl is not allowed; no woman of any age has ever entered there, dead or alive.

Now, you are forcing people. These people will become homosexuals, the nuns will become lesbians, and you go on preaching celibacy! You still go on preaching that monks should be celibate, nuns should be celibate, and they are all reading pornographic literature.of course, hiding it in the Bible!

We are living in a very sick society, which could have been very healthy, and can be healthy immediately.just a question of understanding.