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Chapter 5: Meditation: The Method of Great Liberation

He said, “So what? That does not prove that I am not dead. I have seen many dead people doing the same thing. What do you think about yourself?” Then people thought that this was very dangerous: if their families heard that this fellow thought that everybody is dead, and talking and eating and walking do not matter; you are dead and it can continue.. They took him to a psychiatrist who said, “Don’t be worried. I will cure him.”

They said, “We are not worried about him, we are worried about you - because he has cured many people. A few of his friends have started having another thought, that perhaps they are dead. He is very convincing, a very logical and rational person.”

The psychiatrist said, “You go and leave him with me.”

To the madman the psychiatrist said, “Have you heard that dead men don’t bleed?”

He said, “Yes, when I was alive I had heard it, I remember.”

Then the psychiatrist said, “The matter is settled.”

He took out his knife and cut a little on the mad fellow’s hand and blood came out. The madman said, “Aha! That means that proverb is wrong: dead men do bleed. Now give me the knife, I will try it on you.”

The psychiatrist said, “You will try it on me?”

He said, “I have to know whether you are alive or dead. Now it is proved that dead people bleed. If you are dead, you will bleed. If you are still alive you will not bleed. Just give me your hand.”

He said, “My God, your family was right.”

The madman took his hand and made a good cut and said, “Look! We both are dead. Everybody is dead. I have not come across a single person who is alive. But everybody is deluded - what can you do?”

The psychiatrist said, “Please don’t tell anybody else that I am dead. You just go home.”

He said, “Which home? I am coming with you. Behave like a dead man - graceful, silent, friendly. I can help your practice very much: every day I can have a table in your office. Difficult patients that you cannot treat, I can treat within a minute. It just has to be proved that they are dead. And a dead person cannot worry, a dead person cannot dream; they are just befooling themselves. A dead person needs no psychiatry.”

Daikaku is saying, Bodhisattvas practicing it have entered this door.

They have not stopped at the door, they have passed through it. There is every allurement to remain at the door because you suddenly feel immensely powerful, capable of doing miracles.

But a real seeker is not in search of miracles, he is in search of the source of his life from where everything arises.

Bodhisattvas practicing it have entered the door, left the door behind, become buddhas. Their miracle is their love, their miracle is their compassion. Their miracle is to spread buddhahood like a wildfire.

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