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Chapter 4: From Sex to Superconsciousness

A woman looks beautiful to you. Why? Why does the call of the cuckoo from the mango grove sound beautiful to you? Why? It is, deep down, an expression of sex, love.

But the people like Morarji Desai live without love. In fact, a politician cannot afford to be loving. He cannot live, he cannot love, he cannot laugh.

I have heard a story about him. I don’t know how far it is correct. It is a joke - and jokes need not be correct, but they are always true!

Morarji Desai was having his photograph taken by a press cameraman. The photographer had a lot of trouble trying to get his subject to pose properly. Eventually, after much bickering, he was about to take the picture.

“Look pleasant for a moment,” said the photographer.

“Then you can resume your normal expression.”

He cannot laugh; laughter must be indecent. He cannot take life playfully; playfulness must be indecent.

And this man has written a story on Krishna. Now the story is going to be filmed. Not that he is a great author, but just because he is the Prime Minister; so now the story is going to be filmed. I am puzzled, surprised, at what he must be thinking about Krishna. His whole life must be looking indecent to him because Krishna’s whole life is love, playfulness, joy, celebration. What does Morarji Desai think about this incident in Krishna’s life?

A few beautiful women were taking their bath in the Yamuna River. And this is not a story of today. It is a story from when India used to be alive, five thousand years ago, when India used to be really vibrant, when people were courageous enough to love and laugh and dance, when people were not life negative; but when life was thought to be God and divine and people were not talking about life as if it is indecent.

Krishna passed by. The women were taking their bath naked in the Yamuna River. Now no Indian woman will do it. Those days were beautiful; people were more open. Now this can happen only in my ashram, nowhere else. Krishna is still alive here.

Krishna saw those beautiful women swimming and floating in the water and enjoying, and they were completely unaware of the presence of Krishna. He gathered their clothes, which were on the bank, and climbed a tree and sat there. When they were finished, those women looked around; their clothes were gone. They started searching; then they saw Krishna sitting in the tree with all the clothes with him.

Now what does Morarji Desai think about this? Certainly I have never done anything like that! Krishna must look very indecent.

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