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Chapter 9: Courage Is a Love Affair with the Unknown

It has been found - and this seems to be the only explanation that can save Jesus from being a bastard - it has been found that a girl was born with her twin inside her womb. In fact she was going to be two girls but somehow the other girl, who was going to be the twin, never grew up; she became part of the girl that was born. She can carry that twin in her womb. That twin is alive, and at the right time, without any sexual interaction with a man, the girl will give birth to a child.

Now this is scientifically proved a fact. In a few animals it has been found again and again. And just the other day Vivek has brought one news item of a similar case. I have for at least twenty years been thinking about it, because I came to know twenty years ago about a case, a similar case, where a girl gave birth to a dead child. And even doctors confirmed that the girl was absolutely innocent.

I had been there in the medical college, to see the whole thing. It is a difficult problem in India - it is not so difficult in the West: if it was proved that the girl had some sexual relationship with a man then there would be no possibility.her whole life would be ruined. She could never be married, and she would be condemned everywhere. It would be better for her to die than to live.

But all the doctors were absolutely certain that this dead child was not conceived by her. She had carried the small, miniature child in her body since her very birth, and when she became sexually mature the child started to grow - exactly then, because for the child it made no difference.. For the child it was the same whether it was conceived sexually by a new man - but in fact the child was really carrying the girl’s father’s genes, and the mother’s genes. The child that was born to the girl was not her child but her sister. It was good that she was born dead.

It would have been good if Jesus also had been born dead, but unfortunately he was born alive. This is the only scientific way to save the poor fellow from being a bastard; otherwise no Holy Ghost can help. All that is nonsense.

One thing has to be accepted, that half of your being is alive in your mother, even before you are conceived. And half of you is to be contributed by your father - that too has to be contributed alive. When the sperms leave your father’s body they are alive, but they don’t have a long life, they have only two hours’ life. Within two hours they have to meet the mother’s egg. If within two hours they don’t meet, if they start bumming around here and there..

It is absolutely certain that each sperm must have its own characteristic personality. A few are lazy fellows; when others are running towards the egg, they are just taking a morning walk. This way they are never going to reach, but what can they do? These characteristics are present from their birth: they cannot run, they would prefer to die; and they are not even aware what is going to happen.

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