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Chapter 11: Life Is a Luxury

Insecurity makes it possible for life to change. Change is very essential. If you change, there will be insecurity; if you don’t change, there is no insecurity - but if you don’t change then you are a rock. A rock is more secure than a rosebush. Naturally, because a rock does not change so fast. For millions of years it can remain the same, there is no problem. But for the rosebush there are many problems. If water is not given to it for two days the roses will start disappearing, the greenery will start disappearing, the bush will start dying. Or, if the sun is too hot, or a madman comes, or an animal enters into the garden, then too it will die. The rosebush has to exist on so many insecurities - for the rock there is no problem. But the rosebush changes, that’s why it is alive.

Animals are less alive, man is more alive - or at least can be. It is his potentiality to be more alive. But then there is more insecurity. No animal is aware of death, hence there is no problem. Only man is aware of death. But if you are aware of death, then it can become a challenge: how to transcend it, how to face it, how to live in the face of death, not avoiding it; accepting it totally, knowing totally that it is there; how to live knowing that death is going to happen.

In fact, life will become a great intensity when death is known. You know that it is possible that death may come tomorrow - or maybe the next moment - so you have only one moment at one time in your hand. Don’t waste it. And don’t live lukewarmly, because who knows? - the next moment may never come. This is the only moment that you have got, the next is not certain. It may be, it may not be, you cannot depend on it. You cannot postpone, you cannot sacrifice the present for the uncertain future.

If you accept death and if you face death, you will start living in the present. Death is not a problem, death will help you to be alive, more alive, intensely alive. You will start living totally because there is no way to have any hope for the future. The future does not exist. If death is known, accepted, then the future disappears.

With the disappearance of the future, the only thing that remains in your hands is now. Then you can go deep into this now - whatsoever you are doing. You can be eating or dancing or making love to a woman or singing or digging a hole in the ground - whatsoever you are doing. This is the only time you have, why not do it totally? Why not celebrate it? Celebration and being total mean the same thing. You celebrate only when you are total in something, and when you are total in something you celebrate it.

Have you not watched it yourself? Whenever you are total in something there is celebration. For example, if listening to me you become a listener totally, there is great celebration. You are not doing anything, you are simply sitting there. But listening to me deeply, totally, intensely, a great joy arises. And you are not doing anything, you are not creating that joy, the joy is already there - you just have to be here, herenow. Here is the only space and now is the only time - because death is there.

To think of death as a problem is to move in the wrong direction. Then you start avoiding it. When you avoid it you become asleep. To accept death.. Yes, death is there, it is part of life. It entered you the very day you were born, it entered with birth. Birth and death are two aspects of the same coin. The day you were born you became vulnerable to death. Now there is no way to avoid it.

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