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Chapter 13: You Go on Drinking Poison

One woman today wrote to me that she hates Hymie Goldberg. I could not believe that somebody can hate a poor fellow like Hymie Goldberg! But perhaps she has an anti-Jewish mind.just the name of Hymie Goldberg and her Nazi upbringing feels hurt that I am making Hymie Goldberg almost a great hero. It is true, I am going to write a biography of Hymie Goldberg.

In the same question, the same woman says, “I don’t like you to laugh with us.” It seems she is also against laughter. I rarely laugh, but once in a while I want simply to join with you - so as not to give you the feeling that I am separate from you. I want to be one amongst you, not somewhere high up, very serious - a stone golden Buddha.

Certainly, Gautam Buddha did not laugh; neither is there any reference anywhere that Jesus ever laughed. These people are serious people.

I am not serious. I have been telling you again and again that I am absolutely nonserious, but you don’t take it seriously! You think I must be joking.it is such a difficult problem, how to solve it?

And when I read this woman’s question, I remembered Nadam’s question yesterday.he was telling me that a few scientific researchers have found the G-point in the vagina of women. I could not figure it out, why it should be called “G-point.”

I have also found a G-point. It is not in the vagina, it is in everybody’s belly - just behind your navel. And it is meaningful to call it the G-point because it creates giggling. It is absolutely stupid to say there is a giggling vagina, but a giggling belly is a well-known fact. You know about belly laughter - a real laughter always comes from your belly.

So I don’t care about your scientists; my own research says that the G-point is in everybody, man or woman, in the belly, behind the navel. And perhaps this woman’s G-point is either paralyzed or is crippled, damaged - something is wrong with her G-point! Here she should expose herself; her G-point can start functioning. Amongst so many G’s, how can you remain serious?

I have heard.. Two small kids, twins, started their first day at school and their teacher asked them, “What are your names?” They were looking so beautiful, so absolutely alive. Dressed in the same way, it was almost impossible to figure out who is who. So she asked, “What are your names?”

One said, “My name is Ronald Reagan, and my brother’s name is Richard Nixon.” The teacher could not believe it. She thought, “These kids are playing a joke on me, they are making fun of me.” She immediately phoned their home and said to their mother, “Mrs. Johnson, your two kids have come and when I asked their names, one said his name is Ronald Reagan and that his brother’s name is Richard Nixon. I could not believe it; that’s why I am phoning. Are they making fun of me?”

She was in for a great surprise, because from the other end of the phone the woman shouted very angrily, “You have some nerve to call me Mrs. Johnson. I am Miss Johnson and they are my kids, and when you have two bastards, what names can you give them? If you were in my place, would you be able to suggest two other names for two bastards?”

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